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Awakening / Shift / Law of Attraction TEACHINGS/ BOOK LIST

Started by Jill in Law of Attraction information. Last reply by Jason yesterday. 23 Replies

I started a discussion about what teachings and methods and how they differ and if you are feeling somewhat bewildered, there are many options out there that might resinate with you. I used a teacher…Continue


I'll recommend books...

Started by Jason in Book recommendations. Last reply by Jason yesterday. 2 Replies

First though, get this out of the way. I haven't logged onto to Ning in over a year. What happened to Ning? lol  The books:  - The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind - by Dr. Joseph Murphy- Creative…Continue

First timer :)

Started by Mel Hayes in Introduce yourself!. Last reply by Jason yesterday. 2 Replies

Hi all, Mel here... I am just saying Hi to everyone. This is my first time... and I am very very excited. i have been doing this stuff for ages, but its really good to have something like to this to…Continue

Recommend Books Please

Started by Michele Rose in Book recommendations. Last reply by Jason yesterday. 7 Replies

I love to read but don't know what books to read to help me on my 100 day challenge I'm hoping that there are any recommendation of books I have read the serect. I just want something more indephe.…Continue

Newbie-Finding your path, Healing, Reiki, all Co-creators(London based too :) )

Started by Karo Miko in Book recommendations. Last reply by Karo Miko Sep 14. 2 Replies

Hello everyone!I am quite new to this game :)I wonder how many people here are on their way to find their purpose/calling/ way in life...?Or who found it already ans wants to shareI don't know how…Continue


Started by Jill in Ideas & Suggestions. Last reply by Jill Sep 11. 20 Replies

I have been reading much about SILENCE.I have also been reading much about Hearing GOD/Universe/Source of all that is.Seems....GOD is likened to hearing SILENCE. There is no words that can describe…Continue


Frequency ~ LOVE ~ versus ~ FEAR ~

Started by Jill in Law of Attraction information. Last reply by Jill Sep 11. 43 Replies

I have been thinking long and hard and my brain hurts…no not really. But let me tell you trying to fine one self is a wild and crazy journey. But let me tell you one thing…the end of the road keeps…Continue

Tags: Love/Fear/Frequency

Hi, you all ! : )

Started by Dr. Bettina Hubner-Preney in Introduce yourself!. Last reply by Eline Mangnus Aug 27. 25 Replies

Hi you all  !I‘m  the new admin, helping Lilou with this website. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.                                                                    …Continue

I love 100 day reality challenge!

Started by Roos in Introduce yourself!. Last reply by Eline Mangnus Aug 27. 6 Replies

I love this project.It has helped me to keep focussed on what I am doing in life.True magic :)Plus I have seen so many inspirational people here and it is a good motivation!Continue

Deleting Videos

Started by Chrystyna in New to the 100 Day Challenge - ASK questions here. Last reply by Chrystyna Aug 20. 2 Replies

Help.  Somehow I managed to upload 4 of the same videos.  How can I delet 3 of them?Thank youThank youContinue

Shuttle Service Federal Employees

Started by nationrider in Introduce yourself! Aug 20. 0 Replies

Hello!!!! i am new member. I am providing limo, sedan and shuttle service. If anybody needs transport service can call us at 1855-356-6800 now.Continue


Started by Charlie Cakes in Book recommendations Aug 19. 0 Replies

Hi lovely Co-creators! I’m starting a 2nd season on here.TODAY IS DAY ONE!!I never got to complete my first one so I’m giving it another go. I am very clear what my goals are and I’m just looking for…Continue


Started by Charlie Cakes in Book recommendations Aug 19. 0 Replies

Hi lovely Co-creators! I’m starting a 2nd season on here.TODAY IS DAY ONE!!I never got to complete my first one so I’m giving it another go. I am very clear what my goals are and I’m just looking for…Continue

New member

Started by Ania Dlugolecka in Book recommendations. Last reply by Ania Dlugolecka Aug 17. 14 Replies

Hi guys I am new to 100 day challenge. I welcome any tips useful for me to power trough 100 days getting the most of it. If there is any practise you have used and was very helpful please share.All…Continue

meditation/Music or no Music??

Started by B Torres in Practices and Principles. Last reply by Neha P Aug 17. 6 Replies

I was meditating everyday using a guided meditation that was set to music. I then read online that to get deeper into mediation, beyond using it for just stress reduction and relaxation, it should be…Continue

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Hey Everyone!

Started by The Notebook Hoarder in Share your MANIFESTATIONS!!!!. Last reply by Luther Aug 15. 1 Reply

My name's Mya. I've been studying LOA for about a year or so. I've manifested small things into my life but I am having trouble with long term and bigger things (money, soulmate, etc.) I'm just…Continue

Tags: stories, help, tips, manifesting, share

Entering again

Started by Roy K in Introduce yourself!. Last reply by Luther Aug 15. 1 Reply

Hello Everyone,This is Roy here. Actually this is my second stint here. i registered a few years ago and dropped off the wagon. But then I was in a totally different phaseof life than now.Today, I…Continue

Captivating midnight love gift with fond affection

Started by sahi sarma in Ideas & Suggestions. Last reply by Luther Aug 15. 1 Reply

If you are in love then there is no other option to send your heartfelt wishes to your dear ones by gifting delectable Cakes along with arrangement of enchanting Flowers at anywhere in all over…Continue

Tags: Online, Delivery, Florist, Sweets, Chocolates

My Day 2 here!

Started by akisha grace in Introduce yourself!. Last reply by Luther Aug 15. 3 Replies

Hello everyone! I am Grace. Few years ago when I was dumped by my boyfriend, I was super down! I told myself, it is indeed a gift to myself to love myself more. It was then the movie The Secret…Continue


Started by Jesse Laslade in Ideas & Suggestions. Last reply by Luther Aug 15. 5 Replies

Hey, all co-creators I just moved a few months ago. I still don't have friends in the place I am. I have a job but not many people are my friends there and the ones that are aren't that intrested in…Continue

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What would happen if you recorded yourself for 100 days as you put Universal Laws & Principles into practice? Laws such as: the Law of Attraction, Law of Deliberate Creation and the Law of Allowing, Law of Action, etc. - Click here to learn how to get started.

Participants begin by declaring what they want to attract into their lives and for the next 100 days. Results include cars, new careers, business partners, money, parking spots,.... But most of all, participants claim a significant increase in confidence, energy, support and clarity.

And as this community expands, the power of the group is also growing and participants are reaching unprecedented levels of manifestations, joy and fulfillment. We are now a global community (140 countries) of co-creators committed to manifesting the highest vision for our lives and our world.


Here is an easy guide and steps to get you started on your journey!

1. SIGN UP ON THIS WEBSITE (on right side of this page)
2. Set up a date by which you want to start your Season 1 of the 100 Day Reality Challenge.
3. What are your intentions and goals for the next 100 Days?
4. Select the practices that you will apply for the next 100 days
5. Share your journey on blogs or videos blogs on this website, or both!
6. Invite friends to this network and socialize with other participant!

and VISIT GET STARTED tab and this page!!!!!



(FR) NOUVEAU: Le Defis des 100 jours en Francais vient d'etre mis en ligne

Blog Posts

Manifesting has brought me here today

Posted by Susan Ann Weinmann on September 22, 2014 at 9:10am 0 Comments

This Monday I will be taking part in a short performance at the UN. Thought it might be fun to view if you choose. We just got the news that it would be streamed world wide, with multiple heads of state, ambassadors and dignitaries, it marks the opening of the UN General Assembly. Also this night the topic is sustainability. The full information is below.…

Day 22

Posted by Jacqueline on September 22, 2014 at 5:33am 0 Comments

Spoke to my Parami group last night on Google hangout, how cool is that to meet and chat to new people who live on the other side of the planet, AMAZING! The topic was the first parami, generosity. I have some new ideas about how to be a more generous giver, and receiver and felt a real connection to those lovely people. Good day to you all, be generous when you can, it feels great!!

Day 52

Posted by Eshaleen Prasad on September 22, 2014 at 12:30am 0 Comments

It was a busy day. At one moment I felt like I shouldn't be going where I was headed, everything around me was annoying and I felt impatient. The voice said, 'you've gone this far, just keep going.' It turned out to be an amazing day.

Lesson of the day: BE PATIENT!!

DAYS 85 & 86 of the 100 Day Reality Challenge

Posted by Jenifer Smith on September 21, 2014 at 11:00pm 1 Comment

Day 85

Went to yoga for the first time since I hurt my back and since my local yoga studio closed down. The digital thermometer in the studio SAID it was 90 degrees, but it honestly felt more like 85... I'm not complaining... I barely broke a sweat! I took 2 classes in a row, because I figured if I am going to drive ALL THE WAY out to Malvern, PA, I might as well rack up some hours toward my certification. My Intention for my practice(s) was to listen to my body and honor my body.The…



Posted by Dee on September 21, 2014 at 4:38pm 0 Comments

Holy Mollie all, It has been about two years since i've been on here. it's been an interesting two years of course! Although 2012 was a very hard year for me, in due time it gets better, everyone in life deals with challenges, loss, and all the not so fun stuff. I feel like these hardships…


Harnees Racing ( Poem )

Posted by Doris Anne Beaulieu on September 21, 2014 at 7:49am 1 Comment

Harness Racing ( Poem )

Horses pull a two wheeled cart

If it breaks you will depart

Place a bet before it starts

Good wager wins if played smart

Riders ready at the gate

Fans no longer have to wait

Athlete sport with high speed

Is a skill you surely need

At times a horse can fall down

Sad to see that come around

Last turn has crowd in a roar

We wait to hear close end score

If your looking to explore



Day 19: Season 3

Posted by Sarah Myers on September 21, 2014 at 6:48am 0 Comments

I am having a really laid back weekend having worked 7 days in a row. I struggle a bit at work as I don't really enjoy it nor does it fulfil me, but I am relishing living in abundance and have already lost 4lbs, another 12lbs and I'll have reached my goal. Things are positive but I find myself looking at training to become aprimary school teaching, returning to teaching is like wrapping a blanket around myself in the face of a hurricane, it feels safe and comfortable but ultimately its not…


Day 51

Posted by Eshaleen Prasad on September 20, 2014 at 11:00pm 1 Comment

I can't believe I've survived the things I have been through. Life has thrown me all kinds of challenges, and here I still am, with a few scars, but healthy and happy as ever. I've seen where and how my guides and angels have played their parts and saved me in different situations.

I had to take time today to appreciate my inner child for going through what she's been through and still be so amazing. I'm so grateful to have met my inner child, and to be there for her. If we can't… Continue

Resistance and the cold a ROCKIN manifestation!!

Posted by Steffie Kay2000 on September 20, 2014 at 9:48pm 1 Comment

I know that I am on my path, I know that I am learning, acting , laughing and training/ accustoming my self to a higher vibration. After being in a lower vibration so long a higher one feels funny sometimes, almost uncomfortable...ok, down right uncomfortable and not prefer. I am working on accepting that and moving through it. I know I am doing this work.

Today I had to take a cold shower because the hot water was turned off. I SUPER did NOT want to jump in to that cold…


DAYS 83 & 84 of the 100 Day Reality Challenge

Posted by Jenifer Smith on September 20, 2014 at 6:00pm 3 Comments

Day 83

Woke up with an immense feeling of Gratitude. Had an early morning rehearsal with the Philadelphia Orchestra and the Philadelphia Singers. When I arrived at rehearsal, I was an informed that $114 would be added to our paychecks on Monday because the event we are singing at will be live-streamed and that is the fee! There seems to be no end to the Abundance! I also got the biopsy results from my doctor and I had to schedule a surgery to remove an "atypical mole." I am incredibly…


Season Three, Day 12: Prayer

Posted by Sandra on September 20, 2014 at 2:24pm 4 Comments

Today is my birthday.  I just thought I'd tell you that.  :-)  Now, on to more important things.  One of my daily practices this season is to pray every day.  I've been pretty good about doing it.  I try to pray out loud, to have a conversation with G-d and to talk about what is deep in my soul.  I find that this time with the higher spirit being of the Universe is good for me to be at one with my best intentions.  It is a time of spiritual cleansing, of alignment, and of…


Day 28 Season 1

Posted by Michele Rose on September 20, 2014 at 4:23am 2 Comments

So it's been a while since I posted last. I have been doing my gratitude journal. I'm finding it helps me with being thankful for what's been happening in my day. I seem to be wanting to clean more and get rid of things basically having a spring clean of everything in my life. I am struggling incorporating mediation into my life though it's something I do want to try to do. I have found that there are things popping up when it comes to building up my confidence, I have books on my kindle…


Day 50

Posted by Eshaleen Prasad on September 19, 2014 at 10:00pm 1 Comment

I spent the day meditating. I've worked out about 25 years of pain, memories, and stress. I felt a lot of pops and realigning, but the core of it is left. Hopefully I'll be able to work out the last 5 years tomorrow. It's amazing to go through the 'files' and let it go. I never knew some of these things were still with me as I forgot all about it, but my body sure didn't. I had a couple moments during the evening while catching up on chores where I had a blank moment. I'm enjoying this new… Continue

Awesome Day!!

Posted by Steffie Kay2000 on September 19, 2014 at 9:53pm 1 Comment

You will not believe it! I am having so much fun a work...and that was one of my goals!! I love my intern...she is totally ment to be for me, she totally helps me and is getting good experience too and we laugh a lot together...LOVE IT! and me and boss are even having fun together....its been nice! its so nice to enjoy the higher vibration!!  even my boyfriend is loving his job right now and making more this is alllllll gooooooood and those manifestations are rolling in, more…


Day 5 Season 4 Black tie event blues...

Posted by Etta on September 19, 2014 at 2:42pm 1 Comment

I have some social anxiety. I've had it since my teens. I'll look forward to something for ages, and then the day of the big event, I'll feel nothing but dread, and call it all off at the last minute. 

I have fun when I'm with my friends. I really do. We laugh and talk and have a wonderful time. But, even though I have fond memories of going out and even though I love my friends, I can't seem to get past the mental block. Even if I were guaranteed to have a great…


Letting Go

Posted by Emma G on September 19, 2014 at 12:22pm 0 Comments

Today my thoughts caught up with me and with them they brought worry, headaches and much self doubt...

This is not taking ownership for your life I thought! Its not the right thinking for day 1 of the challenge.

What were my thoughts. I had found out that my ex MD had won an award for his product…


Season 1, Day 19

Posted by Jacqueline on September 19, 2014 at 4:30am 0 Comments

Yesterday was an 'off' day.

When I am at work I am tempted by a big box of sweets, which sits right in front of me on my table, and I tend to chomp my way through quite a bit of it and then at the end of the day I feel grumpy and have a headache.

Next week's challenge is to NOT eat the first sweet which will stop the rest of the cycle...

Have been so determined about cutting out caffeine it is giving me courage for this next step now!

The purpose of life…


Day 49

Posted by Eshaleen Prasad on September 18, 2014 at 10:00pm 0 Comments

I was recommended pulling a card from a friend as we discussed our next steps in life. I'm going through a finale with my current job status; the kids are back in school as the strike is over, and I'm back to waiting on calls for animal work.

My card said, 'A happy move to a new home or place of employment is in the works. This movement will usher in positive new energy.'

So, I see a new plan for me is already in the making, I give the 'oars to the universe' to paddle me… Continue

Day 44 Season 12 I am not making this up-a bicycle!

Posted by GOODREAMS on September 18, 2014 at 5:42pm 2 Comments

Last year I gave away my  bycicle for free to a young couple (neighbours).

Now I just got to know that I am getting also a bike for free!!

This is really interesting. I lost my car in an accident, my computer got

broken, and I did give away a bicycle for free, because I didnt use it. It was too heavy for

me, but I really needed a bike.

Everything got solved in a matter of 3 months; I am going to get a car for free next year,

I have already got the…


Getting Ready...

Posted by Kristen Large on September 18, 2014 at 2:47pm 0 Comments

Big, Big Hello from Aurora Ontario...

I am starting the process of my 100 day reality challenge.  I am extremely grateful to have found Lilou and all her video blogs.  She has inspired me tremendously and opened up my thoughts and sights to a grander version of myself.  She has inspired me to inspire others.  Much gratitude!!!

I am starting my challenge the 1st of October-2014...Giddy up...xo


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Hi, dear co-creators, here I am ...

Hi,you all! 

I'm the new admin, helping Lilou with this website. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

                                                Love, Bettina


                             …   we all  will be stronger and closer to our goals by the end of our season.



Created by Dr. Bettina Hubner-Preney Jan 27, 2013 at 7:53pm. Last updated by Dr. Bettina Hubner-Preney Jan 27, 2013.



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The Beginnings.....

The idea for the 100 Day challenge and Co-Creating Our Reality started in 2005.

Laura Duksta and Sandy Grason, two best-selling authors and aficionados of mastermind groups where focusing at the time on “Enlightened Wealth”. Looking for a new “Millions dollar idea”, they began looking at the current reality shows on TV and saw an opportunity for creating a positive and empowering reality TV show. They starting discussing the idea of following several individuals and watching their progress as they practiced Universal laws and principles and do regularly meditation, journaling, visualization, reading, etc.

Laura and Sandy immediately thought of discussing the idea with Lilou Mace, a young Internet entrepreneur passionate about Internet technologies, online branding strategies, and the self-help industry. The synchronicity and chemistry between those 3 women was irrefutable. Co-creating our reality was born.

They named the project “Co-Creating Our Reality” as they where clear that not only are we co-creating with each other, but they all 3 believed in the power of the magical energy that is created when two or more individuals gather together for the greater good.

They wanted to acknowledge that we are always co-creating our lives and our experiences and their intention was to bring a consciousness to everyday reality.

Since they had no idea what this “experiment” would look like, they decided to take it on themselves for 100 days. They had read many, many books, learned incredible concepts from amazing teachers and attended numerous seminars, but where wondering what progress they would make in their lives if they applied all of them consistently for 100 Days. Laura and Sandy had both written books of their own, Lilou had founded few companies including an empowering portal online. But although, they met success, they had always been a certain inconsistency in results. They saw that the results where in portion of their involvement into life, and how often they would be applying those teachings and practices. Life happens. You start, you stop, you get sidetracked, taken off course.

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