The 100 Day Reality Challenge

100Day here on Ning & on Youtube TECH HELP NEEDED! Thank-you.

I have looked for the answers all over...was too embarrassed to ask for over that, HELP; How did you find our (I think I need the USA group) Youtube 100 Dayers group? How can I upload my whole season 1 without spending my whole day on it or buying a Mac (I will gracefully accept any Mac that manifests for me, but right now, I am PC bound and gagged!)
Is the opening shot really taken from the center of the video? Do you know how to exercise choice in that? How do I easily find the 100 Dayers that are not comfortably snuggled up to our little Ning hearth and home? How have you defined what is and isn't 100 Day on your channel. It all seemed so simple, but I put a Youtube channel up 3 months ago and couldn't/didn't put anything on it....except that by mistake I deleted the whole empty thing. I really liked the name too and now it is unusable for the rest of eternity!!! Can I please, PLEASE curse now? I have conquered Adobe editor...okay, we are in an uneasy truce, but as user friendly as Youtube is I feel...well, used and confused...just (mis)quoting from...I can't remember which 60's...or was it 70's rocker!!! So how have you developed conversations on Youtube...I mean delightful conversation. (about manifestation, LOA and all our fun goodies here!).. because conversation is my happy place along with a BIG joyful bit of social, spiritual evolution!
I know, "How" is not a a good Abrahmn question and I promise to stop asking it when I know what I'm doing!!!!!!

I am in deep peace negotiations with my computer now.....I think Rodney King put it best, "Why can't we all just get along?"

Say good night Gracie!!!

Thank-you & Love to all of you always!!

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okay let me be the first one who ads his two cents here :)

°) I found the group by simply looking at other cocreators by having a lot i they were any members of a group. you usually just click if you are wanting someone's profile you just click on groups and then you should see it.

here is the group for 100 days reality challenge:

you then go on join and that's it. then whenever you are logged in your account you go to your groups and then just click on add videos and then add your videos to that group. was it that what you asked?

°) I don't know how to upload the whole season 1, haven't done that myself yet, but i think you have to create a play list and then upload all videos seperatly..?

°) i think that the opening shot is made from the center but you can't influence that it is how youtube chooses..
°) i didn't get that question. what did you exactly mean by asking how we define what is 100 days and what not?

hope that helped a bit :) I'd suggest you create a new account as you can't use your excisting..I think there's unfortunately no way around it :D

Bless you most savvy Sandra! This is agreat I am a member of both our 100 Day groups as I wobble my way through the tech's kinda about "Beginners Mind!!"
glad you liked it. btw. i made a stupid mistake meant to add "HER" two cents lol haha!


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