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I know I promised to pick a date and place where we can all plan to meet in September. I was thinking of WHERE to meet and then I thought, DISNEYLAND. Since a lot of you guys will be from out of town, this is a great attraction to see. It will be fun and crazy chaotic and wonderful!!

SO - I am only coordinating the time and place to meet. Nothing past that point. We can met and split up from there if you'd like with family or friends or groups of CCOR folks (I was thinking special nametags or wristbands or T-SHIRTS or Hats from the CCOR Site.)Yes!! Cuz we are all special!

More details will follow as I figure out the logistics but at this moment.... Front gate of Disneyland when they open on Friday September 12th, then we will meet again at lunch at one of the resturants in case someone misses the group at the front gate.


Pull out the fresh glusticks and paste it on your visionboards!!! We are meeting in the fall!!!


Many Blessings,

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Guess what? You never guess. I just placed it on my vision board and also in my calender. Yet I don't know how, but I sure know when and where! :) This will be such a HUGE manifestation to my whole family. I want to take my family with me.
Love, Martta
That would be awesome!!! I will probably bring mine as well. :)
Well, Lisa, there is a jar here in the kitchen that is full of quarters and pennies that the kids have been saving up for the past couple of weeks to go, guess where? Disney World! But I never thought of DISNEYLAND-until now! There are 2 tickets taped to the front of the jar, one of Minnie Mouse and one of Mickey Mouse as well as 2 fake 1000 dollar bills! Aren't you good!
w00 h00!!! It will be wonderful to meet you in person!!! lol
What? You mean we have never met in person? How could that be? It seems like I have known you forever!
If I have to sell a kidney, I WILL be there. I want SO badly to meet so many of you. I lived in Orlando and frequented Disneyworld quite a bit, but I've never been to Disneyland. I LOVE the T-shirt idea too. That would be so cute......

See you there!!!!!!!!!!!! Sandi
Please count me in. I am adding this to my calendar now! I am so looking forward to meeting and hanging out with like minded people.




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