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I was raised as a roman catholic and also I did my studies in a catholic school. Most of my teachers and priest that I knew during my chilhood said that a wealthy person would never enter into heaven because as bible said is easier that a camel passed into a needle than a rich man . As a result of this education I find myself difficult to become wealthy because sometimes I think if I wish more money I am only thinking in material things not in my spiritual growth.

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Hello! It is possible to be wealthy and be "spiritual" or as I call it to be saved. It is not the money that is bad it is the love of the momey. The bible tell us that it is the love of money that is evil (1 Timothy 6:10). Many people have a wrong relationship with money and that is not good. There are many wealthy people in the bible but they loved God more than there wealth. Hope this helps. Be Blessed!
Do you think Solomon is in Heaven?
The Bible says it's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into Heaven.
The "needle" that is refered to is the needle gate. It was a small opening in the town wall that a loaded camel could not pass through. In order to gain entry the camel would have to be unloaded of the goods it was carrying.
No one will get to Heaven if they cling to worldly goods. The Bible doesn't say we can't have them ( quite the contrary) but we can't be a servant to them.
Abraham was very rich and he loved God!
Can't answer this one for certain, but the God I believe in doesn't want people to live in poverty and misery - he wants people to be joyful, generous and all that they can might just help that! xx
Thanks for all your answers. Yes, you are right, God doesn't want us to live in poverty and misery. We deserve the best in life including money.
I am sure I will change the way I used to think.
I wonder more, what IS spirituality, what IS money?
To state some truth it has to be like that all the time, every time and for everyone. I believe that money is nothing else that everything we see. It's a way.

Are you rich if you have a lot of money? Are you poor because you lack money? NO
Those labels don't need to be there, and nobody needs to be categorized in rich/poor, spiritual/not-spiritual if everybody were happy and satisfied with what we have.

Spirituality is all about the inside. Money, object, food is all on the outside and spirituality has nothing to do with it.


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