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I thought some of you might have an insight on how to go about my situation. I am a person who does not watch tv anymore except for occasional movies (comedy, foreign, independent films and romance). My boyfriend is a Criminal Justice professor so he watches tv and movies on things related to crimes.most of the time. When I go to his house, his tv is always on.

I would appreciate any input.

Happy Manifesting!


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I also don't watch tv anymore :)

However, nothing can assert itself into your experience .. so the tv being on isn't the issue, it's whether you let it affect your vibration or not. Just choose to focus elsewhere .. take a book with you! lol

Thanks for you input Isobel. Next time, I would probably even bring the movie of my choice. :))

Hi Lorii

I stopped watching crime shows because I noticed the downer effect they had on me...but now I watch (some of them) again. I agree with Isobel - it's the effect they have on you that's important. I'm thinking this is a GREAT thing to experiment with!!! A couple of ideas: 1. Gratitude - on your way to your boyfriend's house, list 10 things you are grateful for - like that he has something you like to watch on the tv or switches it off or got a digital recorder and lets you choose what to watch. Have fun with it and see if things change! 2. spend the time the crime shows are on visualising what you want - a GREAT way to spend that time. Personally I'm crap at this because I'm easily distracted!!! But I do know other people who 'zone out' of the situation they're in and use the time to visualise and I think it's great! 3. Experiment with ways to change the situation - eg get him over to your house to experience 'tv off' time or suggest you go for a walk or ask him to turn off the tv or the other suggestions you had! 4. Try the upstream/downstream process - I did a video lately explaining how much this has helped me if you want to have a look. It's from Abraham Hicks the Astonishing Power of Emotion, and basically you start with a thought (start where you are) then reach for a better feeling I don't like the tv always being on; the crime shows get me down; they are not on all the time; some of them are quite good; I love being with my boyfriend; while he is watching these shows, I get to read my book; I love to have a choice about what I do; his house is LOVELY; these shows show me a LOT I can be grateful for; I love feeling positive and focusing on the good things in life; etc.

Good luck! Let us know how you get on.





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