The 100 Day Reality Challenge

So far, one of my top CoCreating tools is to to meditate. Here are some audio clips of silence to help you mediate in a jiffy. Silent 5, 15, 30 audio clips with a chime at the end. Throw it on your ipod or computer and meditate without setting the timer on your watch/clock or gadget.
Namaste, JR

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Thank you so much for these. I appreciate it greatly.
thanks jr!
Cool! Thanks for these.
This is an image of the front and back of a $100. I have it as my desktop and screensaver. From it, I get lots of positive vibes throughout the day.
Enjoy. --namaste, jr
Hi J.R.
Here is a "fun" meditation when your in the mood to go somewhere but really dont want to drive :)
Also, I have attached a photo of a real $10,000 dollar bill no longer in print for your page.
I was not able to download? I am attaching a really fun meditation for you. My 7 year old grand-daughter and I meditate to this.
Here is the Yes we can, Obama song
in order to download, try to right-click on the link, and you should get a, 'download ...' link.
thank you Sandy for adding to this page. I am really going to enjoy the $100,000 bill. Precious.

Did you create these yourself? Great stuff! Thank you for uploading them here.

All the Best!
Hi gr8ful4all, so I only created silent meditation audio. As, I get moved by something, I'll look to share it. Feel free to upload things that moves you.
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