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I've felt a little depressed these days, in spite all my family visited us. I said that because everytime I go out to walk around the city, I see many people asking for money or food. I can see too much suffering. I wonder if they've even known or heard about "The Secret" . I know we attract in what we put our attention but what about these people, Do they really attract what they have if they don't even know about it?

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Hi Shane: I am very sorry about your sister and her husband murder. I lost my sister eight years ago when she was very young and we didn't expect her death because she was healthy. I don't know what to answer to your question because I still wonder what happened when somebody wants to die and they don't get it. Why don't they get it if they are thinking on it all the time? What really happened with the law of attraction?
Shane, I'm sorry for the pain you're feeling right now. You might find some of Abraham's words on death a comfort, or you may not be ready to hear them .. whatever you're feeling at the moment is where you are. There is a forum at and two people there are right now working through the deaths of a sister and a daughter. You may find their journeys resonate with you.

As to your question ... I don't want to offer you a pat answer, but my truth is that no one manifests anything into their lives that they are not in vibrational alignment with. That doesn't mean of course that we all WANT what we get all the time, but nothing can assert itself into our experience. The other thing to be aware of is that we have no idea really where someone else is vibrating, we can only guess. So I could come up with a possible sequence of events that brought this into your family's life, but would that help you?
Thanks Nicole for your participation. I would like you to help to understand the LOA. How it works? I got very confused with the Shane's answer What do you think?
There really is going to come a time (& we are in it NOW) where we all realize that no one does any of this alone....and we will break out in an epidemic of compassion, leadership and wisdom. No one ever creates anything alone....we are not immune to each others dreams or nightmares. This site has the most honest name of just about any place on earth....we are co-creating our reality AND BLAME, IN ALL IT'S GLORIOUS FORMS ISN'T THE CORE ISSUE...COMPASSION IS! Everyone everywhere attracted what happened to Shanes family and Neale Donald Walsch has amazing insight especially into HEB's. The two subjects are connected. This isn't theory class, only when we get that we are all 100% responsible for ALL OF IT and we grieve while transforming our individual and collective lives.....only then will Shanes plea get the response it deserves.
Brilliant and compassionate response, Aleta.

We really are cocreating everything. My heart goes out to Shane and I want to clarify all human beings are wonderful and deserving of the highest good. Being in a life condition to attract something does not equal being bad.

I will repeat, regardless of what they attracted they are glorious and deserving beings. This is why it is so important for us to learn howto attract what we want to get what we deserve.

My heart goes out to Shane and his family. The deserved far better.
A great insight Aleta, yes, amazing how true it is!

in my country recently started the war....until each of us understands his/her responsibily, cruelty will have no end! The responsibily of leaders all around the world is huge,but all of us contribute as well!
We must stop giving our voice to pro-military leaders!
Do people fall off the world if they don't know about gravity? :)

You have to be very careful when you judge someone else as "suffering" ...first because you can't read their vibration and secondly because seeing them as helpless victims doesn't assist them in creating anything different.

Your feeling depressed isn't going to make them any happier.

"You cannot get sick enough to help sick people get better. You cannot get poor enough to help poor people thrive. It is only in your thriving that you have anything to offer anyone. If you're wanting to be of an advantage to others, be as tapped in, turned in, turned on as you can possibly be."

Abraham-Hicks: Excerpted from the workshop in San Diego, CA on Saturday, February 15th, 2003
Thanks Aleta and Isobel
I realized that I have to work more with myself.
It's what The Secret is all about - learning how to recognize our power and utilize it to make the world a better place. Thoughts become things.
For me, I've gotten into things like Reiki, Neville Goddard, Silva Ultra Mind and EFT - where you can heal by proxy and teach the techniques to others. Positive prayer works the same way. There's no need to judge, but by sending positive energy, it never hurts (because it's perfect) and if the person/situation doesn't want it, it can be refused. It makes me feel better to be able to see something and send White Light to a situation rather than to let it tear me up. Being able to teach these techniques especially to kids empowers them, gives them more control over how they deal with whatever they're going through.
It's not so much that they've "attracted it", as that they chose it. We all did. Before we decided to come down here for this adventure we all chose each other, our families, even all those other cars in a parking lot when we go shopping - we made contracts up on the "Tree of Life". We're hear to learn about love from each other. Choosing the human experience is choosing to feel the whole range of feelings. Responding with love isn't always easy, that's where techniques like Reiki, Silva, EFT, Neville, Positive Prayer - that's where all the wonderful *new age* tools come into play. These things are proactive in situations where it's the most you can do.
Elisa, thank-you so much for opening up this can-o-worms! OMG, this is such a juicy conversation!!! Everybody is giving such great responses.....I just cornered my husband and started talking about this and now I'm back, because Elisa, I swear to chocolate, this is the, THE big question! How do any of us maintain our individual goals and balance (pedullum allowed, but not too, too much, 'cause then it's hard to get back on course) while feeling the world within us and around us.
Okay, I'm really trying to sift through this; in Abraham Hicks language, it IS downstream for me to care about other people. I like it! It only becomes upstream if I am getting buried by the thoughts and feelings. Buried means my actions and reactions are dimmed, numbed or destuctive in an effort to fend off what I must unconsciously believe to be an inevitable negitive result. So, if I believe we are all co-creating reality....and I know I have so much compassion in myself when I see suffering and I know I care genuinely and deeply then probably that's real for a whole lot of others who see whatever I have seen in the world that I feel sad about. Okay, that describes a pretty loving species....a fairly loving collective vibe. Even people who are currently living a reality that I would describe as very harsh including a belief system in the harshness of their fellow humans, even my fellows in that have a dream humanity, a dream of a better world that they hold inside. The dream of a humane humanity crosses every social/national/cultural/economic line. So if there is that dream in so many hearts then THAT manifestation is being attracted by millions.
So, everytime you or anyone else see the pain and care, the rubberband effect, ie., the tug of a manifestation being brought into reality is being activated....just by feeling that caring you are collaborating with millions in that same moment to bring in what would feel better for all peoples. Our compassion is an activation of reality. The trick is to not believe that current reality is permanent. We all have every second of our lives to prove that current reality is constantly changing. The other trick is to not drown in current reality.....well, what would happen if when seeing what is wrong in the world activated a place in our mind/heart that immediately asked for, what would the city look like if everyone had a home. Then sit back and watch the sequence of events that unfolds in your mind to solve the situation....and notice how your own approach to life shifts.
If we are essentially (unless destroyed) loving or seeking lovingness beings then we are essentially seeking a world where all is well for all.....and some part of us can feel what that would feel like. Some part of us can envision that.....and some part of us FEELS MUCH BETTER knowing that is in so many of us and therefore will HAVE to manifest.

Big Love & Respect To Everyone's Input Here - like I said, thank-you Elisa for being bright and feeling with your journey and as always, I marvel at what people offer here!
Sometimes it is very difficult to see the lesson in something so tragic as murder and rape and violence. It's like asking God Why Me? What did I do to deserve this? So it really is all about where do I go from here? What is the lesson to be learned here? Is it forgiveness? Is it how to grieve or how to make the most out of a terrible situation? A lot of times the things we attract to us are at an unconscious level. It is when we live our lives consciously and become aware of things that we can help to make things better. We can't change anyone else , we can only do the best we can with our own lives to help make things better. Love and Light Gramma Shirah
I don't know that my opinion will help or not. But, here it is. We're all on our own journeys. You can only deal with what's in front of you. It might be chance or it might be choice that I was born where I was born, to the parents I was born to, in the circumstances I was born in. We all have our own crosses to bear, whether they are self inflected or not. We're on our own journeys. I can't walk your journey for you and you can't walk my journey for me.

Shane, I'm very sorry to hear about your family. That's awful. Losing somebody is hard enough, without the added situation to make it worse. I'm very sorry about this. I wish you strength and hope.


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