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I've felt a little depressed these days, in spite all my family visited us. I said that because everytime I go out to walk around the city, I see many people asking for money or food. I can see too much suffering. I wonder if they've even known or heard about "The Secret" . I know we attract in what we put our attention but what about these people, Do they really attract what they have if they don't even know about it?

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When you're ready to hear .. and it may be some time, so be easy on yourself .. there is a wonderful interaction that Abraham has with a man whose sister has been murdered. It's on the CD of the San Rafael workshop in February 2008.

One of the most comforting parts of Abraham's teachings is that "there is not death". We are eternal beings and when we leave physical focus, we immediately become pure positive energy. Our culture thinks of death as a tragedy and it does feel like that at first for those who remain here ... but from your sister's perspective, she has simply focused elsewhere and she is no longer experiencing any of the contrast she felt in the physical.

If you go to the abraham-hicks website, you can use the Search feature to read sections of past Journals that relate to death. There are so many of them, I couldn't pick one for you - but you will know instinctively which ones will speak to you where you are now.
Wow. Elisa, Aleta is right - you started a wonderful discussion here!

Here's my take on the suffering we see:
It is not my job to end all suffering for everyone else. In fact, I cannot, and trying to would drive me insane!
It IS my job to feel good.
If I feel good, if I am healthy, if I am financially stable, if I am confident and happy, I can really help these people who are suffering without suffering with them.

I am hugely inspired by people who are able to give generously of their time, energy and resources - this doesn't mean we all have to be Mother Theresa, just that we can do what makes us feel good. Elisa what would make you feel good?

Shane, sweetheart, my heart goes out to you. As well as Abraham Hicks thoughts on death, check out Byron Katie's videos on death at


Fellow co creators, What wonderful suggestions for Shane. Whenever I see suffering or an accident I call forward the Light to surround fill and protect the situation. That helps me to feel less helpless and powerless. Love Gramma Shirah
Hi my dear cocreators:

I just want to say I am very grateful with all your responses. I am in tears because I know we are all connected and we have most in common that I had ever thought. I had been very concerned about what to do or how I can help others. I Know I have to help myself first and then I can help others. I have to stop feeling guilty. This is the beginning of a new way of thinking.
Thanks again and I love you all.

God bless you!
What a beautiful response. May Shane feel all your love an positive thoughts.
God Bless you!
For myself this time I am answering this question.

I will be happy and joyous despite the sufferings of the people around me. Not because I don't care, but because I do and I am obligated to uplift and spread joy because that is what will bring ultimate happiness to others anyway. That- the suffering- is the darkness, we must outshine the darkness!


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