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Hi. I am studing Angels and their connection to spiritual healing. If anyone has anything to share with me on their knowledge of Angels I would appreciate a response.

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Healing with the Angels a cd by Doreen Virtue I found is really informative. I have had a few experiences where I have asked Angels for help and they have. Also I heard a story recently about an Angel appearing to the soldiers during a horrific battle in France in world war 1. I want to research that story myself, though I am not sure where in France it was. Has anyone heard about it?
Hi Kelli-Michelle.

I just wanted to say that I get chills when I hear about things like that when they are true. I never heard that story but when I read your comment I got the chills, so I believe it. Why not anyway? If angels really love people the way they do and they saw the whole picture of what the soldiers were about to accomplish in winning the second WW, I would think they would be working overtime to support the effort and give comfort and courage.
Hi Sandy:

I totally believe in Angels when I was younger I had an experience with one and I can say it was wonderful. It helped in a difficult situation, he just appeared and helped me with my little son. I feel very grateful and I know God always protects us.
I believe in angels. They exist in just about every religion in the world. Doreen Virtue is a wonderful author to look into but I imagine you have already heard about her.

check out this link for a free Doreen Virtue angel card reading.
I am absolutely believe in angels!! They are all around us all the time. All we have to do is just ask them to help when we need them, and they are there in a flash! A really great book you could read is Edgar Cayce on Angels Archangels and the Unseen Forces by: Robert Grant!

I HIGHLY recommend it!!



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