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Who Can I get rid off bad habbit...My bad habbit is... :D If I get something free..I´ll take it...My main consern is food and drinks... But I do take stuff like clothes and ...everything :D Please help...I´m environmentally friendly and thats why I usually recycle everything even my friends stuff :D
So how can I find the way to say no mainly to the food and ( alcohol) drinks ?

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Hi :)
How exactly is that a bad habbit? There is a girl in the challenge, I don't remember her name, but something she says and has made some other people to say too is "I love free and free loves me". She manifests all sorts of things for free. I don't see how it would be a bad thing. But if you really think you need to get rid of this habbit saying "no" is like a muscle you need to exercise it. When you say "no" once it'll be easier the next time. Hope that helped :)
Hei :D
My bad habbit I think isn´t so bad after all... I have just been thinking It is invincible and it makes my life difficult :D I really should start to say NO to the things I think aren´t so good for me...

I started to believe that the universium really don´t understand the word NO...

I was in my friends place and I saw outside the garbage can this cute little white shelf and I had to carry it to the trailer that my friend had in the back of his car cos my friend sari was moving to his flat =)

Then we went inside and and we started to talk about going to Ikea to buy some boxes for the shelf and futon mattress 70cm x200cm (which I have been dreaming for months cos my friend said its very good to sleep on ) cos I going to have visitor in the end of the week :P Then Sari asked me would I like to take her futon mattress 140cm x 200cm and the frame too cos she didn´t need it anymore.. And tittidii.. Of course I took it :D

Even my flat is only 30 square meters I had to take the shelf cos it saves so much space... And the bed is better than 70cm wide cos now I can sleep which way I like :D Now I just have to organize my flat =) I hope I´ll get it cleaned also ;)

This made me convinced that universe really dont´t know the word No :D

Your wish is my command :D
Yeah well the universe doesn't understand words, it responds to what you give your attention to. Like Esther Hicks said in the secret; shouting "no" at it will give you more of what you don't want or something like that. But it sounds like you found some great stuff so be happy about that. But if you feel like there are stuff that are bad for you, you should try giving your attention to something else instead of that particular thing.



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