The 100 Day Reality Challenge

First, I manifested a new friend and some great conversations that lead me to look into taking a weekend seminar at the Wright Institute.
Good stuff ~ Has anyone experienced a Judith Wright / Bob Wright seminar or any service from the school? What were your thoughts? Did you take away enough to move your life in a "more real and true to adventure?"

I know Lilou interviewed Judith Wright for her show! Finally I was able to experience it first hand.

Also, I manifested a book called: Saving the World at Work

by Tim Sanders author of Love is the Killer App

His new book is about the new "Responsibility Revolution". In the book, the author offers concrete suggestions on how all of us can help our companies join the Responsibility Revolution.

We were able to meet with Tim Sanders about his new book at a event at Fado last week! I recommend grabbing this book............I just started I'll let you know once i have completed its message. :)

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