The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Check this out peeps and tell me what you think! I decided to do it and the "results" so far have been amazing...I mean in my life, let alone the bigger picture!! Oh, what am I talking about......okay, have you heard of Lynne McTaggart? She is the women conducting the world wide meditations that reduce violence in the most violent places on earth. You know, the one working with Princeton University. She wrote "The Intention Experiment". Now there's an awe inspiring read. Anyway, you can participate in the current global experience/experiment;

It is going on for the rest of this week! Check it out and please, tell me what you think....or better yet, sign up and tell us all what you FEEL!!

XOXOXO Love You All,


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Thanks Aleta, I went to the site and signed up. In Mexico, we are very worried about the insecurity and crime. I think this is a great experiment.

Oh, there can never be enough of things like this, sending out those great bog positive intentions into the world!!! Yes, indeed!! <3


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