The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Two years ago, a film about quantum physics became a new-age phenomenon, raking in $11 million out of midnight screenings and word of mouth. It went on to become the 3rd highest grossing documentary of all time and Amazon's number one DVD release of 2005. The success of What the BLEEP Do You Know? spawned a new genre of films for a new audience with a new worldview. More recently, another DVD release called The Secret is literally transforming the lives of those who watch it, by revealing the powerful secret of manifestation.
Statistics show conscious viewers are not only switching on to documentaries about healing ourselves, but also about healing our planet. Al Gore's environmental wake-up call, An Inconvenient Truth, has so far grossed over $25 million in cinemas worldwide. Its DVD release is forecast to be one of the biggest ever for a documentary release.
Coming soon, a made-for-television documentary will further awaken audiences across the globe, shifting people into a more conscious relationship with each other and the planet. Love, Gratitude and the Dolphin Connection begins as a 21-day investigation into the mystical connection between Aboriginals and dolphins, and ends as a life-changing adventure spanning two transformational years.
The disillusioned TV presenter seeking a spiritual high, the working mother with a grand vision for indigenous people, the dreadlocked hippy with a past-life Delphic connection, and the first-time film investor who unexpectedly finds herself in the film itself! Four strangers drawn together though a web of synchronicities, go in search of the mysterious Dolphin People, a forgotten tribe of Aboriginals. Yearning for sacred connection to ancient knowledge and wisdom, it's an expedition that becomes a catalyst for their continued spiritual growth, leading them full circle in a way they never expected.
Long after returning to their normal lives they realise their story is not over. In order to complete their film, they must complete their healing journey. Led by a group of Aboriginal elders, they leave the modern world behind them and return to the Australian wilderness, entering into a timeless space of dolphin dreamtime.

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