The 100 Day Reality Challenge
Mark Bryan (writer, coach, consultant) served for two years as a regularly featured solo expert on the Oprah Show as part of her "Change Your Life" team that included Dr. Phil and Suze Orman.
He is now the host of a new Public Television Pledge Drive about our work on Creativity and Innovation. It is called, The Artist's Way at Work: The Truths of Creativity, and it features an interactive workshop with a studio audience and on-location interviews with celebrities. Check your local Public Television station for details. You can view clips at

At your urging this is the official blog about our work, on-line for the first time. We are very excited about this opportunity to answer questions, receive your feedback, and share your experiences, struggles, and triumphs as you continue to expand and explore your creative life -- in business, in science, and of course, in the arts.

We, as the global "Artist's Way" community, can use our official blog to update each other on new research and techniques that anyone can use to support their artistic, career, and personal endeavors.

We are particularly interested to learn from you what you have found that works and to offer an informed and consistent way to connect with our creative counterparts and Artists Way communities around the world. and are meant to help you accomplish whatever you want to do.

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Thank you for pointing these links out! I have done The Artist's Way many times and have found it to be a wonderful tool.



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Have you discovered the new mobile version yet? check out the website on your cell phone!! Really handy to participate actively and transform your life.

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