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Hi I'm new to this site. I am Co/Creating an Acting career. I created a group for those others that are doing the same. Please join me and lets help each other out! We can post casting calls, radio contests, film contests, the list goes on and on.

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Casting Call Information
City: Los Angeles
State: CA


We’re looking for outgoing, fun, energetic people with a love of cooking who want to take their entertaining to the next level. Apply ASAP

Each contestant will cook up an idea for a special party, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or other celebration for you, a family member or a friend. It could even be a meal to say thank you or you’re sorry. It’s all about interesting stories! You’ll be paired with Tori to learn tips and techniques, then we’ll help you prepare the meal and watch as the event unfolds. The contestant who comes up with the best event wins a suite of kitchen appliances.

We're looking for people of all cooking abilities and styles. You must be approachable and enthusiastic, have a great look for camera and be available on these dates:

• We will need you and your friend/family for one full day of shooting between January 11th and 22nd, plus a follow up day (you by yourself) for a ‘wrap episode’ which will be shot on Saturday January 23rd.
You will need to be able to make it to the studios in Los Angeles.
Casting Call Information
City: Los Angeles
State: CA

Major Media Company looking for guests for a new talk show pilot. Best experts in the world in every field are ready to help you! Looking for women who are currently in in the middle of a divorce and need, financial, emotional.

Also we are seeking a woman who has left her job and is looking to start her own business. Are you nervous that you've made a huge mistake? Do you need answers fast? Our experts are ready to change your, financial, marketing, psychologists, life coaches etc. Let us get you connected.


Submit your Screenplay before December 20th and receive $5 off of your submission. Many professions in the industry are looking for that next great script during the Holidays. Submit NOW

SUBMIT your FEATURE or SHORT Screenplay

SUBMIT you TV PILOT or TV SPEC Screenplay
The Group is right here on this site:) I'm on blogtalk radio as well, Parawomen Scream Radio Tomorrow night at 7:30pm ET. We actually have two Scream Queens Michelle Tomlinson and Kim Amato (Michelle was in a few Kevin Tenney Films, he was popular in the 80's did Witch Board and Night of the Demons). I'll check out your show!
Hi everyone,

I wanted to let everyone know that director and acting coach Katt Shea will be joining us on Parawomen Scream Radio on January 14, 2010 at 7:30pm/4:30pm ET. Katt is the director of such films as Carrie 2 and Poison Ivy. Katt also takes a unique approach to her acting classes and incorporates various Abraham/Hicks methods into Acting! I think this is a must listen for anyone interested in acting and who is also a fan of Abraham/Hicks!!

Parawomen Scream Radio!
Calling all inventors!!!

Discovery Channel’s hit show PITCHMEN is offering inventors and innovators the opportunity to present their inventions to the producers and vie for the chance to pitch a product to industry expert and television pitchman Anthony "Sully" Sullivan.
Hi Amy, how does one go about or get started with acting? I have never done anything, like that but i am interested in finding out how to do so.
Marina, I started by signing up with a few agencies (talent and casting). I also look on my local Craigs list for independent castings. You will need some headshots. I was able to get professional headshots through trade, if you know of any aspiring photographers that is a good way to get started. You want to make sure your eye's pop in the picture and that you crop the photo so no body appendages show (they are distracting)... Unless of course it is a full body shot.

Summer (who is a member on this site) has a youtube site that helps beginning actors and actresses, check it out!


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