The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Well, here I go starting another journey of my life. I have to say, that I am extremely excited to share my life with everyone on this amazing site, but at the same time, I am really scared. 100 days is a long time to share your life with the entire world.

I feel really confident about the future, especially about the next month or so. Many of my friends know, that I often get visions of the future. For the longest time, the month of October has really stood out in my head as being a month of amazing opportunities in my life. I think it is right on time too. With so much talk about change these days (Obama 08!), It only seems that I, and we, are on the verge of something truly extraordinary.

Once again, Im so glad to be here, and I cant wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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Hi Jason,

Welcome, and I believe it will be extraordinary for you!=)
really great work. good to have you part of this awesome community.


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