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Would you like to know how you can manifest something useing feng shui? Ask me and I will tell you how....

Hello everyone! I have studied the effects of feng shui for some time now and, how it helps us in our daily lives, not only with organization but, it also helps with attracting what you want in life. Manifest with Feng Shui. Yes it is very real and your doing it now even though you dont know it. How, you ask. Well, our homes are reflections of our minds and thoughts. They also are the images we see daily. Feng Shui is based on the principle of a subtle electromagnetic force called chi energy. It flows around the human body and throughout the universe carried by wind, water, light, sound and the sun's energy. The chi energy that you are exposed to influences your thoughts, emotions and health. By placing yourself in a position where the surrounding chi is most favourable to your aims, you can achieve goals more easily and effectively. This is the primary aim of Feng Shui. Even now as you sit at your computer you are either benefiting or not benefiting from your surroundings. Look at your computer table, is it cluttered and dusty, is there dishes on it? Or, is it clean and tidy organized and polished. It all has an effect on your life. For example, lets say that you are trying to manifest money. Well, if you have unpaid bills all over the house and not organized. It tells the universe that you are unorganized, iresponsible and that you dont have the money to pay your bills, so you will then attract more of not having enough money. Just because you intend it and you are doing all the visualizations and stuff does not mean that you will get it when your home contradicts what you are intending. You have to completely be in allignment with your goal. If you want money you need to act like you have it and pay your bills.Keep organized and, it will tell the universe that you are organized, responsible and, you are ready for more responsibility like a new buisness or a new job that brings in MONEY! Good luck to you and I will be adding more feng shui tips to my page and this discussion soon. Blessings!

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If you have a question or a goal you would like to achieve and would like to know how Feng Shui can help just ask and I will reply with the answer on this discussion so others may see it in case they have the same question. I will also reply on your page as well so you dont have to keep checking back here. Blessings to all-
My sister and I want to do a western US roadtrip and want to manifest a camping van, what can we do?
Thank you IsisOakmoss for your generous offer to help.

I am very frustrated by my own situation because I share a home with someone who is extremely messy and sloppy. I have been very busy over the past three days and at this moment the house is a total wreck. I end up cleaning up after this person all the time. In addition, he lives in the first room to the right as you enter the house, on the northern corner of the house and his room is insanely cluttered and even dirty.

What I have wanted for years now is that he move out and I take over the mortgage, then I do some renovations but it seems like his energy is so heavy, cluttered and stagnant that I am getting nowhere...

So is there something in Feng Shui that could help me to get him out and purge his energy, or should I just focus on moving and starting over somewhere else?
And yes, this is an ongoing drama that is a key issue that needs to be resolved in my life. I am open to guidance, suggestions, and any kind of input.

Thanks again.
Hello! Iam so sorry it has been a long time since I have been back. There have been many things happening in my life and I realy have not been on as much. First thing to help with your problem if he is still there. One thing is your entrance where people come into the home is actualy where you set the bagua chart. You must allign the entrance with the bottom of the bagua. So always the entrance will be at the southern end of the bagua. It is not what the actual compass points are it has to do with the allignment of your entrance. You might have a problem with your door chart. Every person has a point at wich they will have most harmony by the situation and setup of the door in the home. You will need your birthday star number and also need to look up your door fortune. For example becasue your door brings energy from the north you and he are having problems with this energy. It is causing stagnat energy to build in his room because that is the first thing you see apon entering the home. If you have a street of any kind running straight to your entrance. Like the end of a culdasack or at the split of a fork in the road this brings in poison arrows. Causing many problems. Also you need to first have a spring cleaning! Huge cleaning of the entire house. He must help with this or your efforts will not last. If he does not wish to help you must stand your ground and tell him to leave or that you are leaving if it is what you wish. Now if you come to find out that your door chart in the home is not in harmony with your birthday star then you should leave anyway becasue it will be more work to counter act this issue. For example my ideal door directions are the northwest and southwest. My not ideal is the south and east. Some are worse then others. You can get a detailed explanation of this in a feng shui encyclopedia. Beyond these things there are many other smaller effects that are at play. Before we could properly asses this issue you first need to get him on board or kick him off. If you leave please find a home that is in harmony with your door fortune you will thank me for it. Riches and happiness will flow to you through a door like that. After you are now clean and organized- how to clear out the clutter with feng shui- a good book for this. Then we must do a spiritual cleaning as well. There are stores at wich you can find these materials - Florida water,rose water,sage smudge, and high john powder or flakes. After you clean your home you wash down the walls from top to bottom with a mixture of florida water rose water and warm clean water. Start from the very top of your home and work down.Cabinets and all. When you get to the floor sprinkle the high john all over the floors and light your sage sudge with a lighter. Walk through house with sage and a white candle in each room let the smoke touch each area of the house as you say a prayer to your liking. Bless and clean your house with pure loving harmonious thoughts. After you have done this you are to sweep out the high john with a new broom and sweep it out the door or pick it up and throw it out side off your property would be great if possible in a running stream that runs away from the house. If not then just get it outside. The better job you do the better outcome. Dont forget to clean outthe broom befor you bring it back in.Then after you do all this we can then talk about good placment of furniture and how to fix any sharp corners or stagnate energy even any poison arrowns. A reminder always flush with the seat down and close the bathroom door. The toilet drains the home and people in it of enrgy. Never forget a leaky pipe or your money will flow out with it and never have more windows then doors if you have kids. If this happens hang bells at the front door. Otherwise your children will rule the home. I hope I helped with this.Many blessings!
Thank you so much for this response.Your response calls to mind much of the information that I have learned in the past about fung shui, I just didn't really know how to prioritize it.

The house small, located in the front of a perfectly square lot. I bought this house because one of the factors of my family was that the door placement was good for my two sons her, but bad for me. However, through the back door is my ideal location and I always intended to start using and utilizing the back door, which would be an ideal entrance for me. All I would need would be some kind of awning and a walkway and I cold very easily use that door as my entrance.

I will be back later.
this is great i'd love to hear some tips !
I have a question. What could be off or wrong in my home to cause monetary problems in my business?. It just seems that with all my husband and I have learned with LOA that we shouldn't have to work so hard to get money to flow. It just feels at times that there's a blockage or something off just a bit. Now I will admit that we discovered or uncovered or were lead to (depending on how you look at it) a huge missing piece last weekend so I don't know if we just haven't given all of the practices time to cause things to flow.
The more feelings of when is it coming and I want it now you have the more you will create more of these feelings in the future. Then more issues causing you to feel this way. You must be happy now right now at this moment you have to feel as though you have everything you could ever want and have. You must feel blessed and only then will you be blessed. It is not about work it never is it even says this in the bible its not through works that you may enter the kingdom of heaven its through belief and faith!! Think of that one. What does he mean by the kingdom of heaven actualy could it be heaven here on earth if we have this faith and belief. YES! It is natural for the human to be impatient and feel well I have been patient but, obviously you have not otherwise you would have what you wanted. Put it this way. Think of something you already have right now. Lets say a husband. you say "oh I dont need that I already have one". Exactly! You are giving the vibrations out that I dont need because you already have and so you do then have. You dont focus on I want a husband at all because you already have one. You would want him if you did not have him. So feel and live and breath and act as though you already have. Say it out loud and realy understand that it is there already its just waiting on you to allow it to be. Money is already here and printed your millions are already created and waiting to be deposited into your account at the right time. you just have to let it happen. Make it happen.Look into the law of allowing. Blessings to you.
what a lovely and generous gesture to share this so freely isisoakmoss, thank you!
I want to get a great steady photography job that allows me to have the weeknds off and free time to assist other photographers and do freelance work. Any Feng Shui tips?
Put up as much of your photography work as you can in your home in the areas thathave to do with money and finance. You need to look into a bagua chart for this. You also mustmake sure that the photos are pictures of things you wish to have and to achieve. Never put any photos of sadness or anger or poor homeless people and never put a picture above your bed of a lone woman or man. You want picture sof a man and a woman holding each other and looking into each others eyes not away from eachother either. That is very important. If you want something take a picture of it and put it in your home in the area it corrisponds to. Look into bagua charts. It is alot of research. I have some info on baguas on my page. Also you must act as though you already have the job of your dreams and it will come! Read mt reply to Sunny Belle. Blessings!


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