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Would you like to know how you can manifest something useing feng shui? Ask me and I will tell you how....

Hello everyone! I have studied the effects of feng shui for some time now and, how it helps us in our daily lives, not only with organization but, it also helps with attracting what you want in life. Manifest with Feng Shui. Yes it is very real and your doing it now even though you dont know it. How, you ask. Well, our homes are reflections of our minds and thoughts. They also are the images we see daily. Feng Shui is based on the principle of a subtle electromagnetic force called chi energy. It flows around the human body and throughout the universe carried by wind, water, light, sound and the sun's energy. The chi energy that you are exposed to influences your thoughts, emotions and health. By placing yourself in a position where the surrounding chi is most favourable to your aims, you can achieve goals more easily and effectively. This is the primary aim of Feng Shui. Even now as you sit at your computer you are either benefiting or not benefiting from your surroundings. Look at your computer table, is it cluttered and dusty, is there dishes on it? Or, is it clean and tidy organized and polished. It all has an effect on your life. For example, lets say that you are trying to manifest money. Well, if you have unpaid bills all over the house and not organized. It tells the universe that you are unorganized, iresponsible and that you dont have the money to pay your bills, so you will then attract more of not having enough money. Just because you intend it and you are doing all the visualizations and stuff does not mean that you will get it when your home contradicts what you are intending. You have to completely be in allignment with your goal. If you want money you need to act like you have it and pay your bills.Keep organized and, it will tell the universe that you are organized, responsible and, you are ready for more responsibility like a new buisness or a new job that brings in MONEY! Good luck to you and I will be adding more feng shui tips to my page and this discussion soon. Blessings!

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Oh dear you are so sweet. I meant what are some of the things you have issues with like for example are you ashamed of your looks or are you uncomfortable in the bedroom with a man. Or even are you feeling pressure to look like a woman from the magazines. You are such a beautiful being. I am Italian as well however Iam Italian American and never learned the language I wish I did. italian woman are blessed with good bone structure and curvatious bodies.Yes, we can be a bit short hahaha. Anyway the profile you gave me seems to hold a picture of what you see when you look at yourself. By the way we go by pounds and inches so I have to look up the info you gave me lol. I have many things I can share with you to help you boost your self love of your outside image as well as your inner beauty.The first big thing is you must talk to yourself. You must sit quietly and close your eyes remeber back to the very first time you felt ugly or unliked picked on or hurt feelings about your image outwardly. I want you to remember that little girl and see her. You then need to picture her standing in front of you as though it were a seperate entity a child I am sure because it is in our adolesence when we are most voulnerable and okward. Look at her and call her by name hold her and rock her tell her just how special and beautiful she is and all the good things that you know about her. You must do this as though you would do it to your very own child because, remember you are speaking to a child that is still alive and not able to grow because of unresolved pain. Once you have done this exercise with as much love and emotion possible you then need to move on to the next memory that caused you pain and do the same things. This can take a long time but if these steps are not taken you will fall back into sadness no matter how much makeup and new clothing or how many times you try to change your image the issues will always be with you because the issues are now alive and parts of you. Every time we experiance a tramatic of hurtful event in life its like we get put on pause and the spirit puts that person no matter what age aside on hold waiting for you to deal with the issue and if you dont the phone lines get filled up quickly and soon you have a system overload wich causes mental illness depression and much more. Your soul becomes heavy and sticky with negative emotions and you then continue to attract the same events over and over again. So you must start out this way. Then after you begin your self talk to all your children and teenagers even adults you have living and waiting inside you can begin to work on your outer physical image. Make overs are always a way to boost your energy make sure you have a professional do it so that you can realy feel a difference and not just a simple hair cut. You want to make yourself feel as though your a queen or royalty. So you must treat your self to a day for a makeover and some pampering. The suggestions I gave about the sexy art in the bedroom is a must to boost the confidence trust me it will work wounders. You can infact learn many tips about romance and sexual images soon from me on here. It will take alot of self love before anything will work physically .You must do this for you to ever become truely a confident woman. By the way Proactive or Murad are great for the acne,Vitamin E and glycerin oil are wounderous for the skin and to lighten the stretch marks they are for ever they dont leave but they do lighten and shrink. They have tanning beds or tan in a bottle even spray tan at a salon for the veins and capillaries. Hair issues use Nair or NADS it is great for hair removal. If you need to do your browns look into a very easy and fast technique called threding. A little bit of pampering and great grooming habbits willleave you feeling sexy and beautiful outside as well as in. One last thing Exercise even when you are thin is great because it fills the body with endorphines and this causes you to become very happy all the time. They are a hormone that is natural and comprable to the dopemine( I spelled that wrong) that gets released into the body once it motabolises Morphine. Lastly Sleep is the most important thing to a womans complexion, emotional health and streangth thats why they call it beauty sleep. Good Luck!
"I meant what are some of the things you have issues with like for example are you ashamed of your looks or are you uncomfortable in the bedroom with a man. Or even are you feeling pressure to look like a woman from the magazines."

yes,unfortunately...thank you for being so kind with me

"You can infact learn many tips about romance and sexual images soon from me on here"

yes please!!

thank you thank you thank you, you're so caring!!! :)
You must do the exercises i explained to you in both of my replys to you. This is the first step in the process of creating a new and sexy confident happy you. You must be willing to do these things otherwise you are not ready for this because you have not hit your bottom yet. Everyones bottom is different and at many levels. Some never learn to love and some never change thier outlook on life because of this they never change for the better. They infact become worse and fall into a depth of depression and lost self love. Then we become on the outside what we feel on the inside. The truth is what you eat and the way you feel inside will reflect in your looks. So if you feel ugly on the inside then you will be on the outside.Now funny thing is there are many horrible people thatare very good looking but they dont feel bad about anything. Its you that arefeeling bad about there attitude so they will not reflect ugliness because they feel great even when they are mean or assholes. You can be the kindest person but ugly as sin and this is because yoy feel harrible inside truely. You need to practice self love or i cant tell you anything. I have given you the tools for the first step now the ball is in your court. You have to make a move. My romance tips will be coming soon. Did you read the reply's I gave you up top they also have some great tips for relationships sex and romance. Follow these tips starting yesterday! lol.Its always nice to primp and have impecable grooming and hygiene.You will see a difference seriously just by dressing different and doing your hair and make-up take pride in your body it is your vehicle while your here so take care of it. This means the fuel you put in it the water the kinds of chemicals you allow to polute your body and the kinds of people you allow polute your brain. Stop watching the tv and look to truth these woman on tv are starving and addicted to drugs as well as many health issues. You are not looking in the correct places. look to positive healthy role models not Runway Models.
Isis, your words are like a medicine to me thank you so much!!
No problem my dearitis my pleasure to help.
Very good post!!!

I am trying to manifest a higher level job (VP) and now have a new office. I need some advice on Feng Shui for the office so that I can manifest the bigger opportunity. Any advice?
First big rule of attracting wealth or any kind of a raise is to act as though you already are the VP by decorating your office as though it says WOW this is the office of a very successful and wealthy VP. So first thing colors that are auspicious and that bring wealth REDs GOLDs GREENs fabric would be leathers silks satin. Natural rocks and earth like marble, slate, Clay. Tall slender vases with shine and metal surfaces along with a tall bouquet of flowers like orchids or cali lillies and flower that brings a look of elegant wealth without being to homey. A home like feeling will create laziness sleepiness and a feeling of procrastination. You need energy and vitality as well as color in your office. Not a boring all white one color no art on the walls kind of room. Limit your family pictures to a few great ones that are tastefully arange maybe two on a large desk made of cherry wood near by a tall slender vase of red or purple colored Exotic flowers with a few long squiggely wooden twigs with the flowers. You can also bring in great ambience to the room with a salt-water fish tank of any size shape and look. You can do a simple salt water set up or go for the gusto by creating a coral reef design along with some colorful clown fish and some royal blue fish. Having an array of different colored fish will create a sence of balance within the water and therefore keep the room feeling happy and well rounded. Sunshine is a must however, you do not need to go naked on the windows becuase this is where the energy is let in the windows and doors.You need to cover the windows at night so that it keeps you protected from harm.Harful energy enters the windows at the times of 3am-6am. 3am-4am is the worst. This can be within your personal life work life as well as an intruder so this is a symbolic way of creating saftey.Sheer silk drapes are a fine accent. You can do much with the different colors and designing components I gave you here. You only need a bit of patience and an eye for what looks great. If you still need some furthur help just ask. Tell me what things you like and what things you dont and I can maybe give an alternative. In many cases I give you the only answers to the question when it comes to the colors for attracting wealth, those are it. As well as the window thing. You can create many designs from contemperary to eclectic to modern even classic elegance with the ideas and info i gave you. May your dreams come your way by the end of the day! Blessings and many wishes of happiness Isisoakmoss.
Thanks for the update on the colour red, I just recently bought a dark brown purse this time. Money flies out of my purse as quick as it goes in no matter the colour of my purse. That is another issue on another level I need to address.
One big thing is the energy you are feeling that causes you to spend your money. We need to pin point what those feeling are and where they come from first. Very simpile actually. In many cases when money comes in we know we have responsibilities and other such things to take care of however we decide that we are feeling so board and restless that we need to go buy something because the idea of new things and even the process of going to the store and visualizing all of the things you could do with this item and that item. Its all very addicting when you are feeling board or depressed because it raises our vibrations to be in an area that shows us new clean organized ways of setting your home up or even just having something new. New things carrie high vibrations because they are new and interesting.Something to focus your uneasy restless energy on untill its no longer new or fun. Also there is a feeling today that we need money in order to have fun everything costs money to do. I need money to buy this and this and then when it comes to the end you feel horrible that all the money is gone and now you need money to pay bills or for emergency even gas. It happens often. Many people do this. There are people out there that say well pay your bills first and then use whats left after your responsibilities. The thing is there would be nothing left most times for the people that tend to spen money like water. They know if they pay everything then they will be out of or almost out of money so they figure I can sacrifice this bill this time for some fun.The people that pay bills and then have fun can afford to lol.They most times have the money to do this and that is the difference. They give off a vibration that says I take care of my bills and responsibilities because I have enough money to do so and so they attract all the money they need to do so from the action of paying the bills and important things first. When we dont pay it is in the back of our minds and causes us to give off the vibration of I need more money because I am poor or dont have enough and then we continue to attract not having enough money. When we have bills unpaid and stacked up in our home it fills it with stagnate energy and a feeling of anxiety and hopelessness. The way to get more money is to spen more but not on things that cause us to become regretful in the end on the things like bills that make us feel great that the lights wontbe shut off or thatwe still have our car and home. These things will attract more money into our life. In the meantime while you are looking for fun things to do you will find that responsibility is very time consuming and the time thats left you can have fun by spending money on something useful like a class or something like a workout routine even something like lessons for the kids. Involve yourself in helping others and giving when not expecting in return and wealth will flow to you. Keep your home neet or you will never be wealthy. You can win the lottery and if you are messy you will spend it all and become broke again.We often run from our messes and problems and go out instead of taking care of home. Keep your home in tip top shape and clean at all times even if you rent,yard and all. This will give you something to do and bring you sucess.I promise. Always have fresh clean walls no chipped paint no dirty finger prints. Clean windows always. sweep and vacum everyday to rid the home of old problems and other energy that builds on the floor you dont want around. Keep the kitchen clean and fresh being that the kitchen is the heart of the home and family if it is in bad shape you will be health wise and finance even in love. Do not collect to many things to clutter your space and do a cleaning every sunday-dust,vacum,sweep,wash floors,clean toilets sinks,walls,appliances, tables,furniture, and clean fold or hang clothing. KEEP DUST OUT OF THE HOME AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE WITH HEPA FILTERS AND THE VACUMS THAT USE DUST MITE TECHNOLOGY.Th eIonic Breeze is greatto filter the air. These things do make a difference in life. Try to get filters on all water taps even shower. NEVER DRINK ANY WATER WITH FLOURIDE- it is poison and will cause very bad heartburn and eventualy death. It is in our drinking water in USA. You can buy purified wateror true spring like volvic, fiji,aspen,evian, no store brand unless you must they are safer then the tap. They sell baby water with flouride in itand it should be a crime. DO NOT BUY IT! The food and drug administration gets away with murder believe it. Look it up for yourself so you know the truth. Always make sure you by tooth paste without flouride for children in case of swallowing. Sorry to go off on a tangent there lol. Take care and blessings to all.
Hi, I need to have more money in my life because I have enough money to live on but not to do the things I want to do.
I also would want to meet my soulmate. Any Feng Shui tips?
Thanks in advance
Hi Isis,

I read all your answers in this discussion. It is very kind of you to offer to help. I am wanting to manifest my dream job opportunity. Do you have any special tips for me? I am currently in the process of cleaning my whole apartment. My closet happens to be in my creativity area, my bedroom in the career area and my wealth area is a patio where my dog stays all day when i go to work. and she demolished it a bit but i try to keep the patio as clean as possible.

tell me some good tips , please. thanks for your help.



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