The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Monthly Musing- March - “Life knows” by Kute Blackson

When you take action, let go of being attached to the outcome. This frees you up to be in a state of receptivity to the fullness of Life. It allows you to act with all of your being, because there is the opening for your true Being to work through you. Your actions will be filled with real power.

Know what you want, and have your intention. But don’t rigidly hold on to it. Life is bigger than your mind. When you are attached to a very specific outcome, it affects your ability to flow and give all of yourself fully. There will often be a part of you that will hold back out of fear.

Here is the magical paradox: Embrace not knowing, but also embrace knowing completely. Trust the deeper knowing in the depth of your being, and not simply the fleeting wants of your personality, which can appear so real at times. Give everything to your actions in that moment. Yet at the same time be completely open for what it is seeking to happen. Like a child, playing intensely, yet totally curious and filled with wonder.

When you embrace this, it shifts your relationship with life. It frees you up to being lived by the NOW. It frees you up to living your WOW. Here you no longer take the actions, you tap into an infinite reservoir of energy. Then the actions flow through you like a clear mountain stream. Carrying you gracefully to your dream!
Let it go. Let it loose. Let it flow. Life knows.

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Beautiful words there, thank you for sharing this with us Lilou!
This man's words, just like Eckart's, have an ability to connect to something deep within you as you read.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful "monthly musing".
Thanks for sharing, Lilou!
Thank you for sharing, it helps to keep me in alignment by reading and watching these positive video postings.


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