The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I have seen this several times where people claim to have manifested a feather. I decided to try this for myself to see if it realy works. It has now been 2 days and no feather. What am i doing wrong?

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You should not give up in 2 days, keep your thoughts positive and give it some time ;)

Maybe the Universe is trying to nudge you into thinking about patience or Divine Timing? Are these things that you have struggled with or need to work on, perhaps?
so do I just continue to meditate on a feather everyday or is once enough? And how do I know if I have a rsistance?
I think just asking this shows that you have resistance, because I often do the same thing and start doubting myself. The most important thing is to have faith in yourself. The feather will come in its own time. What you shouldn't be doing is stressing about it. Desire it, feel yourself holding it in your hand, put all your positive emotions into it, convince yourself that you have it already. Do it until "Am I manifesting the feather right??" becomes "I am manifesting the feather" in your mind/thinking. Always be open to whatever happens.

Anyways.... I do the same thing, who am I to give advice? :P Hope it helps anyway!
Still no feathers for me.. And I live under a tree that is full of birds everyday. lol

I did manifest something tonight tho. I am going to post about it on teh other thread.
That's why you don't have the feather! You keep affirming that it's not here yet! Focus on having it NOW!
You have to believe that it will work, not just see if it does work, a simple re-aduct of your mind-set and it will happen for you, honest!
Sorry for the typo-I meant "readjust"
I manifested a hair elastic when i went out for a run a while ago. I realised i needed something because it was windy!!! I decided i needed a rubber band- but i wanted one that wouldn't wreck my hair........ so...........within 50 feet-there it was-a lovely clean blue hair elastic just waiting for me! i was so blown away that i did a video on it!! I think i called it small manifestation or something like that. Don't focus so much on the feather- let the idea go and i 'll bet it will show up. Not all manifestations are immediate. Just trust they will happen in time-that's what i do!!! xxxxxxxxx
I have done the very same thing, although it was in my pocket and I never put my hairties in my pocket but it was perfect:D
Please go to my page and read my first blog for newcomers. I'll send it out again.


This is cool :)  I manifested nickels this way!  I worked on the roof of Wal-Mart stores on the AC unit, and I made a game of manifesting nickels! ha ha, and it was really fun... and worked!  Feels good.


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