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I have seen this several times where people claim to have manifested a feather. I decided to try this for myself to see if it realy works. It has now been 2 days and no feather. What am i doing wrong?

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ANGELA!!!!!!!! Thanks GOD you finally got a Feather!!! LOL!!! How cute it was even BROUGHT to you- i think you should frame it-or turn it into a necklace as a lucky charm!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
HUSH UP! REALLY?! That is adorable. Did your little one know you were manifesting a feather? I talk with my little guy about manifesting alot. Plus he has seen my vision board. But if not, I think that is just beautiful. Congrats. :) I knew it was on its way.
Wow congratulations!!! I'm really glad you did it. Do you think it was beacause you changed the form that you were asking for it to " I will see the feather"?
After I read this thread, I did some research on the manifesting a blue feather. I didn't find too much except for three guys that were experimenting with this. As read about them, I sat and tried to think if I ever saw a blue feather... I couldn't remember ever seeing one. I imagined what one must look like and how it exciting it would be to find one. I wasn't intentionally manifesting a blue feather. I was just curious.

To my surprise, a few days later when I went to our new home. I found a giant blue feather on the floor in my office. I asked Mark where it came from and he reminded me that it was from boy scouts. Laughing, I thought, "How come I never remembered that bright blue feather". I blew off seeing the blue feather as not a real manifestation because I must have subconsciously known that feather was with us. Another week later after our move, I found a small feather with a hint of blue in it. It wasn't super saturated blue so I tried to blow that off as well...but I know better than to question the Universe. Instead of blowing this off again, I thanked the Universe for responding to me in such a fun way. Now, I'd like to manifest a red feather...and when I do, I'll post it here.
I have feathers all around my house. I dear friend of mine died 3 yrs ago. At his funeral there was this white butterfly and it stayed around me the whole day.It actually followed from the church to the cememtary back to the house. I was getting the feeling it was him my friend saying that he is here.Then I started noticing feathers and coins all over the place like they were being placed in my path. One day I visited his mum and she told me that Justin(thats his name) comes to me as a blue jay. Well I was blown away from this alone right. Then upon driving home I parked the car in front of my house instead of the drive and walked out and on the ground there was a baby blue jay feather.It was very blue with white on the tip and black spots on the bottom. I knew this was him mainly because what his mom said but, also because it was the color of his eyes.He was always known for his blue eyes and the love of the color blue. Well then after that a blue jay started sitting outside my window everyday cherping away untill I aknowledged it and said something to it. Some times I cherped back and he would copy my sound. It was amazing. Recently I have been told that my two toetem animals are a eagle and a raven. This will amaze you.I live in Cleveland Ohio so it is not very common to see eagels.Falcons or hawks yes but not so much eagles. I was driving into the Wendy's drive thru on w.117th street a busy main street at 10am and a man traveled behind. i realized it was to early for wendy's to be open so I was getting ready to puul around. All of the sudden I looked up in the sky and a huge EAGLE flew down and swopped over my car. I jumped out mid drive and said Oh MY GOD did you see that to the guy behind me. He looked at me like he just saw a ghost nodding yes. It then swopped around and dove down at my car again.It did not try to pick up anything or try to eat anything near by.It was just like almost saying "Hello".I was so mystified by this beautiful creature. I went home and as I was walking up the stairs a big raven swopped in front of my house while grabbing another birds sekada or how ever you spell it.(its a cacooned bug from under the ground that only comes up every 4 yrs and they are big and loud). Anyway it stayed in my front yard all day long. I thought to myself wow I cant belive I saw both my birds in the same day in such a way.When I tell people about the eagle here in cleveland everyone says are you sure it was not a hawk or a falcon.I always say no I know what an american bald white headed eagal looks like. So talk about manifesting some feathers huh lol! I manifested a whole lot of feathers. Love and light all!
Your thinking about how there is NO FEATHER. lol It's cool I tried this with finding a dollar bill with my initials. I walked around for three days in union square park and nothing. Then I forgot all about it and took a trip home. When I paid for the ticket and got my change back I got a dollar bill with my initials on it!

Just relax and focus on the great feeling you will have now that you have found your feather, get out of your head and your own way and watch how the universe sends you feathers! Let us know when it happens! I know it will and just to be sure Ill send some "good vibrations" your way!
Really wow I think I will try that! But I will try a million dolars with my name on it lol.
I love the idea of manifesting a feather! I also use that technique for parking spaces.My favorite affirmation for manifesting comes from an old book called The Game of Life by Florence Covill Shinn. God is my unfailing supply. Large sums of money come to me quickly under grace in perfect ways.Love Gramma Shirah
I always use the parking spaces. Another good one is green lights. What I do is when I leave the house I start saying and thinking GREEN LIGHT! All the way down the street I repeat geen light. Well my husband came with me one time and we drove down the main road and I did thid GREEN LIGHT GREEN LIGHT and so on he looked at me like I was mad. Every light either was green or turned green when we came up to it. I never once had to stop for the whole drive. He looked at me like I was doing magic.Lol I have not told him that I was lol.Light and Love dear ones.I love the little things that amuse us all.
"What am i doing wrong ?"......... you are expecting a feather! Make the intention and let it go. Your doubt (expressed in thinking you are doing something wrong) is fear, and nothing kills the manifestation faster than fear. Make the intention, then let go of expectations of when or where or how it will come. Just KNOW that its on the way. Let it gooooooooo!!
I see tiny white feathers most days... I am a great believer of Angels
So I recently discovered your group, and I was startled as I didn't know that some people intentionally were manifesting feathers as a proof of the Law Of Attraction. So i was thinking about doing it too a couples times when I finally decided to manifest something crazier. Well well I guess when you have the least resistance this is when it all happens quickly and so easily, because yesterday as I entered the swimming pool of the hotel, here it was floating on the water.... my feather!
I guess you could say Welcome to the club! ; )



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