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I have seen this several times where people claim to have manifested a feather. I decided to try this for myself to see if it realy works. It has now been 2 days and no feather. What am i doing wrong?

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I want a peacock feather

maybe you really dont want a feather and the Universe know so!
guess what, I manifest shoes, friends, and even a job.
Let me share…2 years ago I went to my favorite store CACHE and I went in knowing that I could not afford anything but while I was looking around i thought "I wish I can just work here, so i get to shop with a great employee discount and my closet will be full of CACHE cloths" I turned around and open my mouth inquiring for a job! I could not believe when the store manager said "oh yes…we are hiring!" 10 days later I was shopping with the employee discount and …the rest is history!
a big hug for you!
Your focusing on the fact that its been two days and no feather. That's all. No big deal. I tried this early on and got so frustrated with it. I tried manifesting a dollar bill with my initials on it. I kept looking and looking and became more and more frustrated when I couldn't find it, until finally, I was like "This is B.S" and gave up. That night I got on a bus to go home, and be with family, I felt down and beat. I prayed and asked for a sign, and why it was working for others and not me. I got even more upset that I didn't get some flash of light answer. I went home and forgot all about it.

After a nice visit and forgetting all about manifesting things, I had decided it was time to go back and face NYC. If God wasn't going to help me, then I would help myself, but wouldn't waste time wondering when. I got on the bus to go back, I remember thinking as I handed my money to the guy that, This was it! I was gonna go get my life back! Just then he handed me my change, and in my hands was a dollar bill, with guess what... My initials.
Have faith. enjoy it and forget it, KNow its on its way, and you will find more then your feather, I PROMISE YOU!

Good Luck!
To answer your question about 'resistance'. . . if your feather has not materialized . . . you have resistance.

The Universe likes speed, and in my experiece, the only thing standing in our way is ourselves. Here's what works best for me: Manifest the feather ONCE. Then, invite up the resistance often. The trick is to keep asking until there's no more resistance or you feel great whether the feather shows up or not. I've heard some people refer to this state as being "hootless"- you don't give a "hoot" whether you get the goal or not. It takes a while to get there sometimes but it is ABSOLUTELY the key to mastering the art of manifesting! So, it might go like this . . . "I don't really believe I have the power the manifest a feather". Feel this completely. "Can I let go of this feeling?" Answer "Yes or No" - often we let go even with a "No". If you are familiar with EFT or TAT, both work great with each objection. "People will think I'm a flake if I manifest a feather" Feel this completely. "Can I let this feeling go?" Keep going with whatever objection your mind dreams up. Finish your releasing session with the image of walking up and finding a feather. Now REALLY feel this. Where will you feel this in your body? Will you feel empowered, happy, joyful. . . whatever. Now spend a few minutes JUST in this feeling. Repeat this 'releasing' session as often as you can. Eventually you will begin to have less objections and more of that euphoric feeling that you imagined at the end when you imagined finding the feather. When all you feel is the euphoria, you have cleared the resistance and your feather will aappear.

I have a story from about 10 years ago that is very cool. I was the analytical chemist type, so I was extremely 'left brain' and not too open to much in the way of "woo woo" stuff. I got pretty good at following the principles of "Think and Grow Rich" . . . it was a FORMULA after all. But it didn't teach me about releasing resistance until I accidentally stumbled onto it. I had set a goal to sell 10 houses in 10 days and have all the money available by Aug 30 to pay off my new car. I set this goal around mid April, wrote it down, sat in silence and asked the Universe for it. Then (I'm somewhat embarassed to say) I forgot about it. I got busy with work and kids, and it wasn't until my real estate partner said, "Wow, can you believe it. We've sold 7 houses in 7 days" that I suddenly remembered and replied, "Holy Crap. . . there's 3 more coming". Which we did, and all deals closed by Aug. 30. It took me nearly a decade to figure out WHY this worked when I spent no more time visualizing, or writing out goals, or envisioning my mastermind group as I had done to achieve my other goals. The reason was this: I was completely released on it. I was "hootless". At the time, I didn't know what that meant, nor did I have to tools to achieve that state. It pretty much happened by accident.

The tools I use to achieve complete release: The release technique/Sedona Method, EFT, TAT, Psych-K. I have become fascinated with energy psychology and the movement of energy. Try what I suggested above and see if it works for you. Good Luck!
Good to read this Laura, Great example of the "Power is always there" and "who is standing in the way of it".
Some feel they need to GET THE POWER to manifest. I have been trying to explain for eons it seems that you don't need to get something that you have had all along.
The Universe is moving in that direction and nudging us all to wake-up. Its like when you are in a dream and you wake up to realize it wasn't real. In this case the POWERLESSNESS is not real. We are waking up to what is REAL...The power to CREATE.

I too had a similar story. About 15 years ago a friend took me to a piece of property she and her hubby purchased to build on for their future. I was delighted to see the purchased property but I guess I was not lite up like a Christmas tree with excitement and my friend thought I was humoring her when I said "How Nice".
She asked me what it was that I would prefer in a "home site of my dreams as it were". So for the next 10 minutes I briefly described the local and the type of house that would be my delight. Several details I had mentioned like a view of a pond, a weeping willow tree, a water view and a few other things. I then forgot of the conversation my friend and I had and never gave it any thought again. At the time hubby and I were living in a rental. Today I live in that house with water view, willow tree and a view of a pond and a list of other great features. And to top it all off we were able to buy it out right (no loan)...we hold the deed.

Your example and this example of mine is a demonstration that the power is there even when you don't intentionally use it. Its always there, it has always been there. When book writers like Dryer suggest we make INTENTION, he is spot on. You see we manifest what we don't what as well and this is how we mess things up. Our Thoughts/Intentions etc are part of the make-up of the LAW. We are CREATORS... what we think of and what we intend is what we get.

Thanks Laura for the good read. Blessings J

What you are doing, not necessarily 'wrong' is expecting it to be on your timetable. I was doing the same when I tried to manifest a red feather. I was looking everywhere. Didn't show. I kept believing in LOA and manifested other things, but my red feather remained allusive. Oneday, several months later when I had forgotten about it, I walked into the bathroom at work and gasped - a red feather, there on the floor of the stall!! I was instantly in tears and awe. Things come when they are ready. Some would say when WE are ready. I have that feather framed and in a place I look often. It's a reminder to me that I can, indeed, manifest anything that's meant for me, but when the Universe is ready, in whatever way is best for me. As they say, the 'how' and 'when' is not up to us. Perfect faith that it will come is what is needed. And that includes the faith that if it hasn't turned up, it's for a good reason. Love and Light to you! Zia

I would like to challenge this if I may...with a happy heart of course.

As I respect your opinion about this matter I disagree with you in regards to your statement:

"It's a reminder to me that I can, indeed, manifest anything that's meant for me, but when the Universe is ready, in whatever way is best for me. As they say, the 'how' and 'when' is not up to us."

YOU can manifest anything weather its meant for you or not. It is not when the Universe is ready. You see the Universe of all that is, gave us the choice. Others know of it as Free Will. How it is BEST for you is entirely up to YOU. The HOW and WHEN is up to YOU. This is where everyone hits the proverbial BRICK WALL when manifesting. They continue to experience LACK. Lack is a fear vibration that holds one back from instant success. You see, what you think about, is what you bring about period. When you interfere with what you think about as a desire, is when you cause your desire to take a different course. Either a slow boat from China or a rocket ship at light speed. The Creator of all that is knows the perfect mode of delivery. Its when you interfere with your thoughts about the delivery,... is what alters the delivery.

If it has not turned up...(its not for a good or bad reason)...its because you altered that delivery.

It has nothing to do with readiness...(when they or you are ready). IF you sent out the thought to the Universe, its coming weather you are ready or not. Its been

So the question is...Where does this FAITH you talk of come into the picture. Faith means to have 

sincerity of intentions (when you make a request) and trust the delivery entity, in this case the Universe, with a strong conviction.

Having Faith is to not interfere. Oh sure you can change your mind, however...every time you do you slow the process as in changing the order of things.

Blessing and thank you for the conversation, Jilly

What can I say? I respectfully disagree. I believe in both Free will and divine will. And I do not lack. Nobody does, really. If I trust in a higher power to know better than I, I am even more free. I am free to want, manifest, etc, but...I can surrender knowing I don't know everything that's good for me. That's how I define God - Good. Anyways, far too complicated and philosophical really, belief. If every thought I had came back, launched, as you say...I'd be in big trouble having been raised as a fearful codependent afraid of just about everything and with a super powerful imagination to imagine it! So, there you go. As with everything in life, take what you need, leave the rest! I enjoy dialogue and the meeting of minds, too, so thanks for responding. : ) Z

In what you have just said you painted a picture for me that you are not a creator. You surrender the creativity to the GOD you believe in. In doing so you have just imposed LACK upon yourself. You are lacking creativity. You are lacking the power to know what is good for you. You see, you are also GOOD as you describe your GOD. If you see your creator as knowing better than you...that is you lacking to know what is best for you. Its what it is. Only you can change that for you.

I (Jilly) am a co-creator with my creator. I am in his/her image. I an a unit united to the collective consciousness of all that is. I am not my past experiences or belief as you are.

If you were raised a fearful codependent, that doesn't mean you still are. Only you know that. If you think you still are a fearful codependent, then that is what you still are. Again, only you know that.

You take what you need  and leave the rest you will continue to have to sort through the mess.

You see things philosophical and it will be philosophical for you.

You see complicated and you will receive more complicated.

That my friend, is your free will.

Respectfully and in Peace, J



Yeah, you don't seem to understand the words I am saying so I'm not going to argue about who I am, how I perceive myself, and whether I lack or not! I did say 'was', though, referring to the past. Not now. And the lack of creativity comment is just hilarious! Again, don't have to explain myself to you but...what assumptions you make, and how wrong. Whatever works for you, is good for you. And for me, me. Joy to you.

I am new to the 100 day challenge community, but this morning I was perusing through this discussion; Manifesting a feather! And I thought ok I'll have a go at it, so after about 2 hours I walked through my office and something caught my eye! It was a plastic container full of art stuff and there it was in plain sight a bright blue feather OMG, now on seeing the feather I recall having seen the box before, so I thought that maybe this isn't my feather, that just maybe because I was on the look out for a blue feather that I noticed it! I'm not sure, either way I'm taking it as my first manifestation! I am so excited ... I hadn't set my date yet but now I am it will tomorrow December 17th, 2010.

guys sorry to sound dense what is the manifest a feather thing can somebody explain it to me please ;) ive been looking on line but its just treads with people saying it has or hasnt worked for them.

Cheers x



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