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I have seen this several times where people claim to have manifested a feather. I decided to try this for myself to see if it realy works. It has now been 2 days and no feather. What am i doing wrong?

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'Manifesting a feather' is about experimenting with your own power. . .  awakening to a talent you already possess, but may not be consciously aware of.  There is nothing magical about the feather, it is just an exercise to teach you what you can accomplish on a small scale.  If you'd rather 'experiment' on something else, manifest a $100, a certain pair of running shoes, whatever.  My friend Kirsten recently manifested a free trip to Europe. . . no kidding!  It's best to start with something you DON"T have lots of resistance tied to (which many people have with money), but pick something specific that you'll know was because you manifested it.  Once you come face to face with your own power, you can ramp up your goals to bigger and bigger things.  


Try it - you will be amazed at what you have the power to create! 

Thank you for the reply laura thats very helpful, im going to manifest something random ..a blue balloon i think im not going to request red as wer in the xmas period and i think there will be some floating around from the party period....its a random thing a blue balloon let you no how i get on.


Positive energy to you and yours x

I think the concept is interesting.

But to answer your question, I'm thinking that you are doing nothing wrong. It takes time.


But ask yourself what is true?

Is this is in your heart to really do. Is this really what you want for real or are you just doing it on a fluke  and like challenging the universe?


Whatever is true from your spirit will come forth.

Strange... 2 days ago I was reading this thread and it got me thinking about manifesting feathers and how I could come upon a feather myself... Then, today at work, I am serving customers and I look down on my till and there is a white feather laying there! Coincidence? I'd like to think not. :)

No such thing as coincidence :-)


BLUE BALOON........OH MY WORD!! i put my reply to this discussion on the 27th dec i said i was going to try and visulize a blue baloon..the reason being it was a bit random and i don't really recall seeing blue baloons up our way...


kept a look put for it and didnt see any ...then forgot about it....then seen a blue 2 shaped baloon in a card shop in town....but dismisse dit as it was a card shop and they sell 21st ballons ect so didnt think much more of it....decided to get teh bus home i usually walk and it was packed as it was fri at 5 and wer all trking out of the offices in the rain.....manged to get a seat ...sat down ...keep in mind this is a packed bus...looked to the floor at my right side....and tehres a blue baloon...not a party one a normal childs blue balloon ....but no children on the bus and the ballon was just sitting there not even burst or anything ...ud have though someone would have stood on it but no one had.....looked a wee bit odd thou a 30yr old woman staring at a balloon with a big cheesy smile lol......


anyways im mighty impressed and i think all of our futures are bright and sparkly if we just believe and trust ourselfs...


love and happiness to you all xxxxxxx

Great story! That's definitely not something you just find on the bus every day!!

Cheers jennifer well now that i no it works when u focus then chill and get on with things il set myself a new target a personal big one...gona visulize maself with the body i want...i no its within reach and i have all the things i need like gym membership fitness dvds facial excercise ect and 2 gym junkies for house mates....i just have a self doubt streak then sabatage my own eforts :( .......well i used to im gona set myself a 3 month target to be looking in the mirror at the best body i can get and a nice smile of ''impressed with myself'' on my face lol.


Good luck everyone positive thoughts and energy xxxx

I finally manifested mine after about 2 weeks. Patience is definitely a virtue.  I almost didn't see it either. I was looking down at my computer or a book and looked up to the tv and there it was floating at the end of the Black Swan preview.
Love the manifesting a feather :) this probably wouldnt work to fairly for me as I have an English budgie and African grey parrot and receive feathers all the time lol - unless I manifest a feather specfically outside my home or from a specific species. I adore our Canadian geese here in Canada. Its extremely rare to obtain a feather from them.
When you used the word "claim" it made me think that possiably you are subconiousnly setting out a vibe of doubt. Beleive and beleive some more whole heartedly that your feather is at your door step waiting for you right now ! Just waiting for you to come pick it up :):)

I wanted to share to this discussions..

I came on this yesterday while i was feeling kinda of stuck and was reading the discussions ... Manifesting a  feather sounded intersting..

so after i read this i set and thought about manifesting a feather..



When i took my son to school i went down to zip up his jacket and there was a litte white feather on his coat... I m  got goose bumps and at the moment remember the day before wish for a feather..

and at work i was reading an I spy book . to a child and It read to find six feathers ... so all together  i manefsted seven feathers.   Im so happy this happened because i was feeling stuck,, i watched in the afternoon Abraham and hicks dvd and was very positive all evening..

I m happy to report..


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