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I have seen this several times where people claim to have manifested a feather. I decided to try this for myself to see if it realy works. It has now been 2 days and no feather. What am i doing wrong?

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I just realized I have this in the wrong area.. It's in the book section and needs to be in the "manifestations" section. Does anyone know how to move it??

I have been told that a feather is also (I don't know if you believe in angels) but it is a sign that they want you to know that they are here for you. That's why when something tramatic happens you sometimes find one.
My feather manifested in a different way i had imagine. Actually, the same day I wrote it down as an intention, i was watching a movie and one of the scenes was of a flying pink/fuchsia feather focused, it inmediatly came to me: "this is my manifestation". But then i thought why didn't it came in the way i was expecting? Maybe i need to keep practicing...
I tried to manifest a specific feather with a heart shape inside to know it was manifested for me. This was over 1 year ago. I guess because time is really an illusion and there is time between what we think and what we manifest, I will be patient. My task now is to believe that everything is happening now and I don't have to wait. So...with this belief, nothing is impossible and time means nothing.

With that being aren't doing anything wrong. Just feel the feather in your heart and in your hands and it will come.

Be Free!

Just a thought...perhaps you are thinking about it too much. When I manifest I ask, picture it and get the feeling of having it really strong in me. Smile and drop it. Half the time I manifest I dont even realize that it worked for a few days...then I get all excited. :)

Ive done this many many times. It always works. Ive done alot of reading...but keeping is stupid simple is what works best for me. Ask, Believe...Receive. Its a beautiful thing. I wish you feathers. :)
You're right, I am working on dropping it and I'm glad I read your reply because I am going to remember to do that more.  i know what you mean about having it really strong, then letting go though because as you think about it, that's when things do come.  I manifested my dream truck that way!  :D
I read this last night and also a post by someone else that had feathers in it. I tried it and saw a feather out side of my bathroom door this morning. Pretty crazy considering it was indoors. I don't think you're doing anything "wrong," but instead of saying "I want to see a feather"... I thought "I will see a feather tomorrow."
I will try that. Thanks for sharing. :)
Hi, I can't believe I haven't got involved with this post. I haven't mananged to check out the discussion area yet. Anyway I love manifesting feathers!
For me I think I had to believe in angels first. A few years ago I read about angels and found it a lovely idea that we have angels who protect us. At first I never saw a feather and then I forgot about it for a year then my partner bought me a lovely book on angels. I read it on holiday and tryed a few exercises speaking to my angels then that same day I found a feather on the same street my hotel was on. I've did it again a few times but recently I have talking to my angels again and everyday I see more and more feathers. Its actually beyond a joke now. Today I saw loads along my street and I stopped looking on the floor then a feather appeared in the middle of the road as a car went by whirling the the air! Then I kept seeing more on the floor and thought to myself stop looking for feathers and looked to the side and there was white feather stuck on a hedge. I've also been talking to my daughter this week about angels, maybe its a sign to keep talking about angels with her.
Hope this helps:)
We were outside today grilling hamburgers when my 4 year old came up and handed me a feather he found on the ground.
Awesome!  It's like you both manifested it!  Yesterday, I went to the house I want to manifest, to make mine, and decided to teach my son some manifesting, though he's not consciously aware of it yet.  So what I did, is I took a few pictures of the house, with my son standing in a couple pictures.  This is for my vision board.  But when we were there, I told him to say, thank you, thank you this is our home.  So now, I'm going to double the manifesting.  Maybe we could say he's kind of part of the mastermind group! ha ha :)  But I think if I show him the pictures every day, we will both believe this house is ours!  Children have that capacity to believe, so maybe this is how you can learn to move forward, believing as and with your child.

an angel with a feather!!  i love it!


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