The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Announcement : Teen Discovers FREE E-Book That Reveals Law of Attraction Steroids

Hi Co-Creators!

As part of your 100-Day challenge, I'd like to contribute "Secrets of the Overachievers : 5 Magic Steps For Turning Your Thoughts Into Money Or Anything Else" worth $37. It contains the formula that puts the law of attraction on steroids for me.

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“The contents of this book, the way it is written, and the easy, helpful read that it is, is astounding coming from such a young man who will inevitably go very far in life, by sharing his knowledge and giving it away, for all to enjoy and benefit from!”

Karin Hiebert
Success Skills Expert and Mentor

“Secrets of the Overachiever part the veil of misaligned beliefs, giving a preview to the wonders of the Universe’s ultimate law, The Law of Attraction. Laid out in a concise and focused manner without the jargons and confusion with a view on immediate action, Saiful Rizal awakens dormant thoughts that might otherwise be asleep. Coming from a true believer of unlimited potentiality, this is one book to begin your journey and a companion along this road we all call life.”

Wayne Abdullah
Director of Training & Coaching
Firefly Coaching & Consulting

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