The 100 Day Reality Challenge

You can also do voice blogs or have a voice message service for free on your blogs. Sounds fun! I am trying to figure how it works!!

Info from their website:
Snapvine brings voice and mobility to social networks. Using the snapvine Voice Player, users are able to safely communicate -- in their own voices -- with their online community. Unlike with other solutions which require expensive handsets and complicated downloads, snapvine's easy-to-use products work on any cell phone, with any carrier.

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Oooo.. this looks perfect. I'm gonna check this out too. :-)
I have a friend who does this on your Live Journal page, though I'm thinking that that is a user function of Live Journal. It's funny when it can't understand what she said (it also types it out) it will say something like "Hey kiddies i'm in (inaudible) and having so much fun" but when you listen to it she says "Hey Kiddies I'm in Yemen and having so much fun".


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