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Okay, I threatened to tell this story and now I am.

A long long time ago when I was still single, I dreamed of the perfect partner for me. I was very picky. I had a list a mile long and I had the belief that one day I would meet him. At the time, when I dated someone new I'd think "Is this the one?" but I usually knew the answer. NO! At one point, I had a few broken hearts in a short period of time and decide to focus on what I wanted not on what I got.

First, I created a collage of my dream man. I found this hot picture of a Marlboro man, who was leaning on the front of his truck, with his head titled down. You couldn't see his face but he had a slight receding hair line and his body was smoking hot.

Then I placed all the qualities I wanted in my dream man like honest, loving, fun, drug free, ect. I had a ton and was very specific. I think the only thing I didn't add was for him to have a great job, be non-smoking, and have an abundant income (but then I never thought about money like that...I believed in love)...I'd loved that collage and had it on my mirror and even took it to work with me to show everyone my dream man.

I also started a dream journal, where I pretended that we were together and what our lives were like. I really got into this journal and focused on him a lot. But soon, life got busy again and I didn't journal as much. I simply used this technique to heal my broken heart. I didn't really know that I was manifesting anything...I was just healing.

I found my life tail spinning for awhile and decided I needed a drastic change so Imoved to another state. I had enough of men and didn't even want to think about any of them. I just wanted to have fun. Within one week of moving, I met my dream man. We had an earth moving connection one night and have been together ever since.

The odd thing was, he looked exactly like the guy in my dream collage...he even had the receding hairline, smoked marlboros, and had a beat up truck. He didn't have money, and had a lot of baggage including a drinking & drug problem...but I felt something deep within me that he was the one.

We were in-separable and within the first year of being together, we got pregnant with our first child, he quit drinking, and started to get more responsible. I'd like to say these early days were easy but they weren't. There were lots of challenges that we faced but in the end, he kicked his addictions (except for one...his marlboros are now a pipe that he can't smoke in the house) and grew up.

In time, he has become my dream man in almost every way. Every quality I had on that list he has..sure I wished I added a few extras like abundance, a great home...but there's still time to add those. Each year we learn to love each other more and in a deeper manner. What's in store for us, I don't know but I am grateful to have him in my life.

It took years to manifest this relationship and years to watch my man turn into the man I knew he was...but it was worth all the work! I hope this gives some of you hope...and don't forget to follow your heart. If I listened to what others thought about my man, I would have dumped him a long time ago. But I listened to what my heart knew even when it got hard. I trusted my instincts. In the end, we triumphed! It's a celebration! But I know that sometimes the other person doesn't grow and we need to let go. All I can say is trust your heart but never devalue yourself or accept an abusive relationship. Sometimes it's the letting go that brings us what we truly seek.

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Wonderfully told!!! Great BLOG!

Love is...
Thank you so much for sharing this, i can really relate so some parts of your story and it helps me to have continued faith in following my heart.

Thanks again :-)
I had a similar experience and if we can manifest our dream guy...we should apply the same principles to money and living in prosperity and peace.

Great post!

I love your point on letting go! I have finally learned to do this, of course, in the opposite situation of giving in to an impending divorce. Since I "let go", I have manifested acceptance into a graduate program I always wanted, and strong friendships which I had also always desired. I am certainly not yet at the point of desiring a new relationship, but you gave some good ideas on how to conjure that up! I am now what I truly seek! Congrats to you!
Awesome story! I enjoyed reading it.


i love this. <3 it cheered me up tonight
Wow!! This is a wonderful story...I loved it.Thank you so much for sharing it.I hope that your other dreams may also manifest themselves and fill your life with love and happiness.
Best wishes
I love that you recognized and appreciated the wonderful qualities in this man regardless of the habits. Many of us women tend to judge men about these things and encourage each other to toss him out. But wait, don't throw the lovable baby out with the bath water.

Just as you can heal, so can he. When a man loves me for what I am (though not currently a drinking/smoking/drug-user just a pita) I will think of you and thank you again.
Nicole, I am starting to use this technique again in my journaling to get really clear about some of my other dreams. Let us know how it goes for you.
Thanks for sharing! 8:) I like the idea of journaling as if something desired is already happening.
Thank you-it was very inspiring for me
Wow, thank you so much for sharing. I will use your experience as a guideline for manifestin my dream man. THHHHannnks you so much for sharing! I will re-read your story everytime I feel upset about my love life. Congrats on what the Universe offered you! Sarah


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