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Okay, I threatened to tell this story and now I am.

A long long time ago when I was still single, I dreamed of the perfect partner for me. I was very picky. I had a list a mile long and I had the belief that one day I would meet him. At the time, when I dated someone new I'd think "Is this the one?" but I usually knew the answer. NO! At one point, I had a few broken hearts in a short period of time and decide to focus on what I wanted not on what I got.

First, I created a collage of my dream man. I found this hot picture of a Marlboro man, who was leaning on the front of his truck, with his head titled down. You couldn't see his face but he had a slight receding hair line and his body was smoking hot.

Then I placed all the qualities I wanted in my dream man like honest, loving, fun, drug free, ect. I had a ton and was very specific. I think the only thing I didn't add was for him to have a great job, be non-smoking, and have an abundant income (but then I never thought about money like that...I believed in love)...I'd loved that collage and had it on my mirror and even took it to work with me to show everyone my dream man.

I also started a dream journal, where I pretended that we were together and what our lives were like. I really got into this journal and focused on him a lot. But soon, life got busy again and I didn't journal as much. I simply used this technique to heal my broken heart. I didn't really know that I was manifesting anything...I was just healing.

I found my life tail spinning for awhile and decided I needed a drastic change so Imoved to another state. I had enough of men and didn't even want to think about any of them. I just wanted to have fun. Within one week of moving, I met my dream man. We had an earth moving connection one night and have been together ever since.

The odd thing was, he looked exactly like the guy in my dream collage...he even had the receding hairline, smoked marlboros, and had a beat up truck. He didn't have money, and had a lot of baggage including a drinking & drug problem...but I felt something deep within me that he was the one.

We were in-separable and within the first year of being together, we got pregnant with our first child, he quit drinking, and started to get more responsible. I'd like to say these early days were easy but they weren't. There were lots of challenges that we faced but in the end, he kicked his addictions (except for one...his marlboros are now a pipe that he can't smoke in the house) and grew up.

In time, he has become my dream man in almost every way. Every quality I had on that list he has..sure I wished I added a few extras like abundance, a great home...but there's still time to add those. Each year we learn to love each other more and in a deeper manner. What's in store for us, I don't know but I am grateful to have him in my life.

It took years to manifest this relationship and years to watch my man turn into the man I knew he was...but it was worth all the work! I hope this gives some of you hope...and don't forget to follow your heart. If I listened to what others thought about my man, I would have dumped him a long time ago. But I listened to what my heart knew even when it got hard. I trusted my instincts. In the end, we triumphed! It's a celebration! But I know that sometimes the other person doesn't grow and we need to let go. All I can say is trust your heart but never devalue yourself or accept an abusive relationship. Sometimes it's the letting go that brings us what we truly seek.

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Nice story! thank you for sharing this with us! amazing!!!! Love is in the air!!! You know what? I am gonna make such a collage! I already made my vision board, but tomorrow I I am gonna make the man of my dreams collage.......seems to me that my home is gonna be a place full of collages;)
I was fascinated when I read your story above because I did the exact same thing as you to manifest my "soulmate" husband into my life! Ok, well in my case I didn't do a collage but just wrote all the qualities down in point form on a piece of paper, sealed it, forgot about it and didn't think about it until a few yrs after I was married. I suddenly realized one day that I did manifest him into my life this way. But I was also like you too, I was very picky with men, didn't want to settle with anyone, went on lots of dates, was a flirt and just enjoying myself getting to know different people. In my case when I made my list I figured what did I have to lose? I was laughing when I wrote it but did so anyway. I knew in my heart he was out there, he just had to find out where I was and be "summoned" to me. lol But yeah I think more people should try these steps to meet their potential partners, they just have to remember not to be impatient or give themselves a time limit because then it won't work.
I enjoyed your story, thankyou for sharing.

I made my list for my perfect man/soulmate at the start of the year. And I dont really think about the list too much, bcoz I think I just need to let it go and not put pressure on it. And I believe he will come when I AM ready. :)

You definatley inspired me to add some new things to my list though. LOL - So thanx again! :) xx
this is beautiful and inspiring :)
Hi..May be you can give me some advice. I really really would love to meet my true soulmate and live the rest of my life with him.And I had some fears about stuff, but I tell myself that when i say the perfect relationship, it would be perfect and all the issues that I fear would not exist. So I wrote down a full and complete description of who I want, which i never did before and I think it is quite complete. I like the idea of starting a journal writing as if Im living that life now. ANd then I wonder if this would take time because in my description I said that he is a multimillionaire. I did that partly because of my past experiences.. I would like to have someone who doesnt have to leave me because he has to chase his job. you think the journaling would bring him closer?

Hey Jenna..

I think the journaling will work strongly. When I'm writing this journal, I feel the joyful emotions and everything that goes with it. Go for it!
It's fun!

If I can add a suggestion that I have personally learned. Girls add healthy to your lists. Its important because it really rips your heart out to find a wonderful man you adore then loose him bit by bit to a fatal disease. Not that I would change my meeting my late husband , the time we had together was the best thing in my life, but you should really add healthy because I wouldn't wish that kid of pain on anyone.
Thank you for this, making a board RIGHT NOW for career, and will remember to be specific!

Oh wow!
That's awesome :)

I'm actually doing some of the things that you did. I have a journal in which I write things that we will do together, I put together a list, and I do think about making that collage as well :)

I'm excited to see who I will attract and I know it's going to be grand :D

Thanks for posting this :)
"sometimes the other person doesn't grow and we need to let go." wow another line which made me think about  my loophole "greatly said"

Wow, what a wonderful story and demonstrates that you have to see beyond whats in front of you.


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