The 100 Day Reality Challenge

How do you follow the 100 day reality when you're an entrepreneur?

I'm writing for your guidance.... I'm desparately trying to follwo the 100 day reality challenge...but I must be honest...I'm struggling as an entrepreneur. What are your thoughts? What are your vices...nobody's perfect...I want to hear real stories of how I can manage the challenges of being a beta entrepreneur and a dedicated 100 day reality member :)

Thanks for your time and guidance!

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I guess being in this community isnt a task or an effort its more of a support system for applying the Law of attraction. I know that it has helped me in terms of resources, like books and other peoples experiences. Lilou, Sandy and Laura are all entrepreneurs so it would be good to speak with them / watch their videos. For me it has helped me to manifest things for myself that has helped my business in all different ways. In terms of finances, the right suppliers, right customers.

What is it that you feel like your struggling with , because i would love to help.
Hi Shannon,
Being an entrepreneur means there are always at least 100 different things you could be doing. My friends and I call it the "bright, shiny object" syndrome. We're Visionaries. We're easily distracted by bright, shiny opportunities and focusing on one goal is the challenge.

We started the 100 Day Challenge as a structured way to gage our own progress toward our individual goals. Use the structure to track what you want to create. It's built-in accountability. Almost like hiring a coach. Check in regularly, talk about what's working, what challenges are coming up and what you want to do differently in the future. Celebrate your wins, when you do something you've said you would do....

It is *not* another thing you have to 'do a certain way' in order to achieve something.... use it as a tool to support you in fulfilling your greatest vision for your life.

hope this helps. if there is anything I can do to support you in your vision, do not hesitate to ask.

maybe we should float an idea of starting a 100 day challenge group for entrepreneurs. I would be happy to start this and share more of my 'business' journey, if there is an interest in it.
I think that would be great idea, as there are so many entrepreneurs here and aspiring ones.
Shannon -

Here's my tip -- instead of adding more goals to achieve in my 100 days challenge (since I already have tons of goals, visions, etc. in my role as an entrepreneur), I am focusing on intentions & changes in my behavior that will help me achieve the goals & vision that I already have. So instead of the 100 days as being another thing on my to-do list, it's a method or tool of achieving goals I already had in my life & business.

Hope that helps! :)

~ Elizabeth
lol Coincidentally.. I use the same motto! The second one that is... upset or otherwise ;)
Hi Guys!
I know it took a little while, but I started a new group, just for us entrepreneurs! It's called "Hot Moguls" LOL

I think there's a Hot Mogul inside each of us....

come share your tips and strategies, get feedback and focus.

You Rock.
I look forward to using the website in conjunction with my goals for my online business.
I started online in 96 and and still hanging in there, which is amazing in itself, however I have only just gotten by with my business.
As a single mom I have been able to stay home with my daughter and now be able to keep my grandson during the week.
I look forward to growing with my dream and really allowing prosperity in even greater abundance.

A new year has begun with many changes.
I no longer have my grandson during the day which opens up time slots for other things.
I have found new means of networking with others which gets my name out there more.
My new website is now up and running, this was a goal for the last challenge.
I realized as my grandson was going to school rather than staying with me that things really do flow easily when I allow them to.
Lots of shaking loose and breaking free going on here.

Love yourself well,
My main challenge is getting traffic.
Second, turning traffic into buying customers.
I got an aweber account, giving away a free ebook report to start a list.
It's a process.
I find networking helpful too. There are many wonderful networks you can involve yourself with and make friends in the process of building your business.

Love is contagious,



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