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Does anyone have any recommendations for spiritua; and business audio cd's. Thanks!!

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Hello Chenelle, and Great Day to ya!!!
go to
select the Mentors Club
I strongly suspect you will be pleased.

Thank you so much!!!
I just recorded my book Journalution on audio - I read the whole book and added new commentary, tips and stories. 6 cd's :-)
Here's the link to check it out:

you can also download a free chapter there.

I'm also listening to "A New Earth" Eckhart Tolle on audio cd, it's great.
Thank you, i do have the book so it would be great as an audio. Thanks again
I'm an ebook / audio junkie at the moment! So for spiritual and/or business I can't say enough about Abraham-Hicks (some free audio on; Eckart Tolle's The Power of Now and The New Earth (then go to Oprah's site for weekly discussions on each chapter); Tony/Anthony Robbins (both spiritual and business) Unlesh Your Personal Power, Get the Edge; Bob Proctor (all of his stuff - can find free ebooks) or any of "The Secret" teachers. I've also downloaded many of the old "masters" such as Napolean Hill "Think and Grow Rich" and Wallace Wattles "The Science of Getting Rich". And of course any of the books that Lilou has recommended on her show. Cheers.
Thank you so much, just what i was looking for
Hey girl. Here are my thoughts:

audio books; Deepak Chopra: Creating Affluence. Goals; How to get everything though possible
and Relationship as bridge to divine love by Barbara DeAngelis
Thank you, :-)
Thank you so much, i have some of those ready to listen to but i will be sure to sign up to

The New Earth comes on a audio cd and its great since I find that I listen to it over and over and what I don't understand the first time I get after a few listens, not sure if thats a word but you get what I mean. On Oprah's site the author, Ekart has a discussion with Oprah regarding the chapters which make it even more clear.
Enjoy, Chenelle.

Thank you yes i may try the new earth on audio as i have just finished reading power of now. Thanks :-)
Im with Rosey. Listening to A New Earth is an amazing experience. Its about eight hours...and they just fly. I am very fond of the way that Tolle pronounces Vegetables and niche. Makes me want to go to Germany.

I love Louise Hay on CD. Feeling Fine somes in subliminal, too. You can heal your life. And she has at least a dozen little CDs that are specialized toward fear, anger, etc. They are all good.

Esther and Jerry Hicks have Ask and It is Given and it is really good at reminding me to Feel GOOD. Hehe.. Who would have thought that of all things feeling good would be hard to remember.

Best of luck and keep me posted if you happen upon anything really great. :)


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