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As some of you may have seen from Taraghs
'S2day003 Is seeing Esther what you are wanting? ' video, Ester & Jerry Hicks are doing an 'Art of Allowing' workshop in London on Monday 26th May and its only £15.00..!!

I think there are 5 of us going at the moment, we thought it would be good to meet up, before or after (or both) and enjoy the workshop together... There are still tickets available at 'Alternatives' It would be great to get a few more of us together...

Please reply here if you are coming so we can organise meeting up...

love and light

Jaye x

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Hi, I booked my ticket the other day. I'm so excited! It would be great to meet up:)
You are going to love A-H!!! The last two times that they were in Chicago, I got in the "hot seat" as they call it and got the opportunity to speak to them and ask some questions.
If you want to find your way to the "seat", get yourself in the best feeling place you can get and get aligned with the question(s) you want to ask before you even get there. Abe sees your Light and knows whose questions will help the most there and who is in alignment to hear the answer.
I also volunteered and helped during the events which also gave me an opportunity to get a seat up front. If you are interested, email them and see if they need help.
I just looked on the A-H site and saw that the workshop in London is only for an hour and a half, so they probably won't have Q&A time. I was surprised when I saw how inexpensive it was. When they do a workshop here it is usually all day and costs about $195.
But it will be great anyways! Any time you can spend with Abraham is priceless!
They have got a full day worshop on as well, i think thats about £95 so about the same price... but the small workshop was a good starting point for us to all meet up .. Taragh suggested it and about 6 or 7 of us said we would go and meet up...

I'd love to do the all day workshop, as allowing is a big problem for me, but i would have to manifest the money first and i have bills that need to be covered first... If I'm lucky they won't have sold all the tickets before i manifest the money..!!
Great opportunity to practice the art of Allowing! See yourself as being there and don't try to figure out how to get the money or whether it will be sold out. Just see yourself there and see yourself meeting Abraham!! Let The Universe figure he rest out.
You make it sound so easy Fred... I have put it up on my board in front of me... now i will leave up to the universe... I have asked.. now i have to believe and allow.. lol

Thanks Fred

Jaye x
That's very true...we all make it so much more difficult than it has to be. That's the beauty of my product ALLOW! It reminds you of your job in this stream of wellness...have fun and allow.
awesome. count me in! I will be in France so planning on being at the Abraham meeting in London with a friend of mine from France.
Wahey... Lilou and Abraham all in one weekend... what a buzz!!
I think
I am still keen to meet up. I have been lying low, however still very much in the zone. Good to see everyone is well.

Nic :)


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