The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I have my plane ticket for London and will be there to meet you guys, and host a CCOR 100 day challenge meeting. Hope to meet lots of you from the UK as well as lots of European participants!! Let me know which dates would work best, where we can meet and what time.
I will then set up a RSVP link so we know who is coming! This is very exciting!!!

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How wonderful that you will be meeting up in London. Lilou you are such a creator. I was thinking that you could put together a Conference such as Louise Hay's I Can Do It conference. It could be huge. If you ever do please remember me, I would love to participate. Sandy Grason has already done a bunch of those kind of workshops like at Quest, Balance Magazine and others. I bet many of us would love to come. Maybe you could have it in Florida. I am giving a Women of Wonder Workshop in Ft. Lauderdale May 8. Please come if you are in town. Love Gramma Shirah
If I find a cheap ticket I will come. if we do the meeting outside, then I would prefer hyde-park. It's such a nice place.
Lilou it will be great to meet you in person and I'm really looking forward to meeting lots of other co-creators! I will be there!
I look forward meeting you all also!
we need to find a location to meet. I am still trying to get a ticket to LOA meeting... but I will be in London anyway on that the 25-26 May! I can not wait! fun times! Maybe best is to all meet for dinner or lunch somewhere as Chris suggested on May 26th?
Dinner would be great, there are so many fantastic places to eat in London. I think we should choose somewhere relatively central though, so its easier for people to get to.
Yes. central will be good. i am staying around Hyde Park.
Well does anyone have any preferences? I can't afford to go anywhere too expensive! So I'm afraid The Ritz is out! Lol!
I will let you guys find a place that is good and affordable for all...with lots of salads (please!!!)..and then we can go for drinks>>> or we might want to do dinner before the abraham workshop and drinks after? what do you think?
Dinner before and drinks after sound great!


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