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Has anyone who is reading A new earth, previously read Power of Now

Hi all,

I was reading an article that Eckhart wrote regarding a new earth and he stated that people who have ready Power of now and understood it need not read a new earth (but can do for enjoyment). He said that a new earth was a more mainstream approach.
So my real question is , does a new earth repeat the things explained in Power of Now?


here is the article link

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Hi Chenelle, I think 'A New Earth' is different to 'Power of now'. 'A New Earth' is more about the ego and understanding other people's ego. It also focuses on our life purpose which is to be conscience beings.
I read PON over a year ago and it was the first book I read about how important it is to be in the now. After reading a new earth I started dipping into PON and thought they were definitely different.
Ok thanks, i know the under current of Power of now is about ego's / pain bodies and becoming present. I guess he said it because it is similar and if you understood the PON then you would already know what the new earth was about.
I think i will follow the web classes. Thanks
Thanks , i expected so as this is what he said, i love the power of now. It took me a little while to fully understand it but the audiobook helped me a lot too.
Thanks for your comment


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