The 100 Day Reality Challenge

The biggest thing I manifested in my life is my business.

I decided to become an expert in credit development and offer a class to individuals through mortgage companies and community programs to help individuals achieve a new awareness of credit. I decided to approach these individuals and companies and tell them to dump credit repair. I know it's a tall order, but I feel it is one that is necessary because credit repair is very misleading.

I went from charging individuals $50 to take the class, to charging $166 and being booked for 6 months at a time. I have been approached by bishops, pastors, real estate brokers, investors, and regular individuals alike who all want to take a class to better themselves.

I did this after being in a controlling and abusive relationship where I was told that my ideas were nice, but they just weren't good enough.

I love myself, and the Law of Attraction really works because I am now supporting my 3 children solely on my business after only 1 year.

Love & Light,


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Thank you, and I had bad credit for 8 years before starting my idea - that's where experience and establishing yourself as a specialist comes from. You can do anything you put your mind to.


You inspire me so much!


Thank you Nicole! You inspire ME! You decided to change your career after being expected to be happy with what you had, and you decided to go after what was really in your heart. You are an amazing woman, and I am looking forward to seeing you manifest all of your hearts desires.

You are my hero, Tamara!! I'm so happy for you and your new business and new life and happiness + freedom!! I was in a similar relationship spot not too long ago, but no longer and am now looking forward to developing my own business ideas. I'd love to chat with you about your LOA experience with developing this!
Love to you, and you're awesome, Tamara!
Awwww!!! Jennifer, you're so sweet for that, I never thought about being a hero to anyone lol. I am so glad that you found your freedom, that is what I hope sharing my story does for others. We can chat anytime, I'll even send you my contact info if you'd like.

Hi Tamara,
You are a brave, awesome woman. Not many would leave at the time that you did but in leaving you have given your children the best start you could. I respect you for the brave and wonderful woman you really are.
Wow Jay, talk about brave, you are one of the bravest women I have ever met. You are so strong and so amazing, and your smile lights up a room. I can see your gentleness, your kindness, and all of the love that you emit for all of the people that come in contact with you, and it just blows my mind every time. Never stop being you, because you do YOU so well lol :)

Love you,

Well done Tamara, I hope i'm in the same place in 12 months.. I spent 10 years in an emotionally controlling relationship, my ex continued to bully and control us for 5 years after we separated.. Its only since joining the 100 day challenge that we have started to stand up to his manipulation and abuse..

I still have a long way to go... the bailiffs called today while i was out, as i have no money to pay my council tax..!! I'm sorting out the physical stuff, now that i've manged to get my emotional and spiritual self, back on the right track , thanks to LOA and the support of this group...

Jaye x

Jaye x
12 months?? Shoot! 2 months! Remember, you're working with 100 days! :) Everything will be just fine, I know it.

Things are always tough during those transition periods, but you are attracting a better reality to you the more you focus on things THE WAY YOU WANT THEM TO BE.

This is my second divorce. My first marriage was just like yours, except that bullying and control lasted 9 years after the divorce, it was insane. I cried constantly, and he kept trying to take my son from me. I manifested peace in my life over the last several months and you wouldn't believe how cordial, how accomodating, how polite he is now - just in a matter of months. It's like for all the time I sat there hating him and talking about how horrible he was, he just brought more and more of that mess to me, because I never expected him to be better than that. I kept saying how evil, how immature, how messed up he was, and he never changed. When i started asking for peace, and harmony, and to see my son happy, and for his father to truly care about our son's happiness, he did a total 180.

You will absolutely attract everything you need, I promise you that, as long as you stay persistant and remain affirmative in what you want. I see proof of that everyday.

Its weird, i don't 'hate' my ex at all.. I'm dissappointed with him for continually hurting and invalidating the boys, upseting them and letting them down... but sadly i don't think he has it in him to become a father to them yet... I hope that one day he will want to, enough to make the changes necessary to follow through and do the right thing.... In the meantime, the boys still want nothing to do with him.

I no longer respond to his taunts and attacks, but sadly that means he has cranked up his attacks on the boys in his weekly emails to them... they are more intuitive than me, so they gave up on him long before i did... they just don't read the emails anymore, then the contents can't hurt them....

You are right a lot can be achieved in 100 days.. but financially it will take much longer for me to get straight as i am strting from a large minus figure with little income at the moment... being realistic i can't take the huge leaps many people on her do as i am on my own with the boys and i have to home educate them as well as trying to build a business to earn a living... not easy... but doable, with the support of this group and the inspiring stories here..!!


Jaye x
Good for you Jaye! Hate is such a waste of time and emotion. It eats like a cancer and just grows and grows until it takes over.
Your new comes frequently and easily!

I have taken "hard" "not easy" and "difficult" out of my dictionary (literally) I got my dictionary and scrubbed them out. I now say things are challenging......and Im up for the challenge.
Light and Love
I had to do a quick check then to see if i had used 'hard, not easy or difficult' in my post.. and of course i found 'not easy'.. I hadn't thought of this as a negative thing when i wrote it, as i followed it up with 'but doable'.. but i can see that it is and it will be added to my pot of words, phrases and descriptions i've phased out of my vocabulary...

I love your idea of actually scrubbing them out of the dictionary... i'll have to try that ..

Jaye x


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