The 100 Day Reality Challenge

The biggest thing I manifested in my life is my business.

I decided to become an expert in credit development and offer a class to individuals through mortgage companies and community programs to help individuals achieve a new awareness of credit. I decided to approach these individuals and companies and tell them to dump credit repair. I know it's a tall order, but I feel it is one that is necessary because credit repair is very misleading.

I went from charging individuals $50 to take the class, to charging $166 and being booked for 6 months at a time. I have been approached by bishops, pastors, real estate brokers, investors, and regular individuals alike who all want to take a class to better themselves.

I did this after being in a controlling and abusive relationship where I was told that my ideas were nice, but they just weren't good enough.

I love myself, and the Law of Attraction really works because I am now supporting my 3 children solely on my business after only 1 year.

Love & Light,


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Janine, as you know, I have been following your journey on YouTube and all I can say is that you are an inspiration--as is Jay. You women have such courage, strength, and stamina. It radiates through your posts here.
I am collecting up all the dictionaries in my home and I will be scrubbing out those, along with some other words. Thanks for this tip.
Lots of Love, support, and encouragement,
- Sue
I commend you on how you are refusing to engage with your ex husband, Jaye. It is, indeed, a challenge that many of us are not willing to take. I teach courses in how to manage conflict in the work-place and I am a conflict mediator -- refusing to "play the games" and getting ensnared in the other person's web of pulling you down is one of the best ways to claim your personal power. Each time you resist reading his taunting e-mails, take a moment and consciously, intentionally, FEEL your inner power. Realise that you are taking care of you, your needs, and your emotional well-being.
Many of my clients bemoan that it is hard (and I agree, it can be a challenge), but I like how you say that it is doable, because that's what I tell my clients-- "everything is possible!"
Jaye, you are a strong, powerful woman. You demonstrate that to yourself, to your boys, and to those of us who are witnessing your life. Your spirit and strength exhilarates me!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart,
- Sue
OMG..!! Are you talking about someone else.. that can't be me.. I don't recognise any of those things in

Thank you for your kind words Sue, but its taken more than 5 years for me to get to this stage, or more to the point.. 5 years to make no progress and just one 100 day challenge to start re-claiming, my self -esteem, confidence, my life and my passion...

I can 'so' see you mediating your calm serenity is just perfect for it...

Jaye x
Jaye, as you are aware, I have been following you on YouTube and I AM talking about YOU!!!
You are incredible in all that you have taken on with home-schooling your boys, running your own business, child advocacy . . . when being a single mom, in and of itself is a huge undertaking.
I stand in awe of you. Will you join me, please?
Lots of Love,
- Sue
p.s. As you may recall, I've been away from the computer for a couple of weeks, so I do hope to catch up on your videos some time this week.
Its strange, i was talking to someone tonight and we were going through all that has happened to me in the last 6 years and the fact that i still have various injuries from the car crash i am trying to contend with as well and she was totally gobsmacked and said she would have given up years ago...

I know i am strong.. but the stuffing has been knocked out of me over the last 6 years and its still surprising me when i look back and realise just how much i have overcome on my own..

I'll meet you half way.. i will be in awe of my achievements when i have 'me' back... hopefully that will be by the end of this 100 days..!!

thanks for your lovely words again Sue..

Blessings Jaye x
Honey, I will go the full distance until you are able to meet me there.
You are amazing!!! You are NOT your pain, your troubles, your disappointments, your anger, your financial position . . . You are a magnificent shining Light--always. We all are magnificent Lights. Yet, we allow other people's opinions and behaviours, circumstances, and situations to erroniously inform us otherwise. And so we struggle, we explain, we grasp, we try to prove ourselves . . .
Your Light may **seem** dim at times, but it's there inside of you glowing brilliantly. It's always there and it's always been there. This is the message that Dorothy, in the Wizard of OZ, learned. She always had it. We have it. We all have it. It is the Truth of Who we are. Knowing this, it our job to allow our Selves to shine by accepting that we are and always have been perfect, lovable Beings; that we are enough and always have been enough--with nothing to prove to ourselves or others.
This, Jaye, is you, the Truth of Who Are and I hold this vision firmly and solidly in my heart.
Shine brilliantly, my Love!
- Sue
Wow Sue.. That was like an 'Abraham' rampage.. go girl.. you should be up there on the stage spreading your message and your love.. you really are an inspiration..

love and hugs

Jaye x

I've just realised, we've been hijacking Tamara's thread.. ooops sorry Tamara
LMAO I'm loving it Jaye! Keep going!!!

Thank you so much Iris for following my story. I hope that you can find value with some of the challenges that I am able to overcome, I believe that is my purpose is going through what I went through - to empower others.

I had bad credit for 8 years and felt so out of control and ignorant about it. I couldn't get a place on my own or a car and I didn't know what I needed to do at that time to get those things. I invested my time in learning how to accomplish those things for myself, and decided to teach others what to do as a credit specialist with my own program. I would be happy to help you with your credit situation and help to guide you in the direction you would like to go in with it.

There are a lot of people starting their 100 Day Reality Challenges on March 1st, have you begun your challenge already? I have a group called 90 Day Credit Challenge Community that you can find under the groups sections here, and you are welcome to add yourself to it. I post helpful tips there, and have a free workbook that you can download to help you map out your major and minor credit goals. If you feel you need it, I can give you one on one counseling as well if you decide to take a Personal Credit Development Class, but be a part of the community first to determine if you need that additional one-on-one help.

Many people are starting their 90 Day Credit Challenges on March 1st. If you have any questions I will be happy to help you with those as well.


have you noticed there are a lot of things starting on March 1st... I'm already struggling to keep up, not sure how i am going to add everything else

Jaye x
Wow Christine, it's amazing how many of us have gone down that road. I am so glad that you're out of it and that you can truly enjoy your life. No one has the right to make you unhappy, or to make you feel like less of a person.

Did you see my video on Domestic Abuse - The Susan Still Story on Oprah? Look at the comments from some of the men on there. It really is pitiful how some people believe that we deserve to go through what we've been through, and that we need to just shut up about it. It's scary.

If we don't love one another, and support one another, and help one another with a way out, who will?

Looking forward to seeing you manifest your deepest desires!!

The ironic thing is that these men that invalidate and bully us, do it because, they don't really like or love, who they are themselves...

Jaye x



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