The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Co-creators. here is a link where you can add and suggest meetings in your area, and then have participant register to the meeting. If possible, we recommend that you complete 1 season before organizing an official meeting, in order for you to be able to answer to questions that other new participants in your city or area will have.

This is a great way to have people RSVP. You can send them the link to you particular event once it is listed.

If you would like to broadcast this meeting live, please contact us at

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Meetup is a great resource for RSVPing and has a huge membership in larger communities around the world. There are some limitations, but it's really a great organizational too. Happy Manifesting!!
awesome. You can also contact Carol as she will be coordinating and adding new groups on the meetup website for people to register! You will be great a tthis!!
I want to start a meet-up here in Las Vegas, NV. I've put a post on the meetup site, and I've put a post on my blog here... and now this! I'm diving into this, though it'd be my first meet-up to start... I just want that extra push to keep myself going! It'd also be good for my sister as well.

Of course I just noticed it's recommended to be done with the first season before I start it up. I guess I should look a little harder before I leap? LOL!
How is the Las Vegas meet up coming together?
Well.... no one's replied to my post on my blog, or here, but I went ahead and started a Co-Creator Las Vegas Group anyway! LOL! Build it and they will come! We'll see how that goes!
I would love to start a meet up in Philadelphia. I'm currently looking for posters from the area...
feel free to set up a time and post it as an event on the website. then let your friends know about it; and get people together! it is fun and grand to have that support locally as well!!
Carrie, I'm in Philly too! Live in South Philly, work in Queen Village, don't have a car but can get anywhere Septa buses go :-)
Hey Abigail. I'm from Philly but live in S Jersey now. I'll be happy to set up a meet up if you have any ideas of where we might get together in town? Or maybe we could do tristate ~~DE, PA and NJ and meet at Benny the Bums? Or somewhere similar? I"ll set it up and we can meet up with our husbands if you want! I'll ask my husband for some ideas on location also....
Hey..talking to husband I had a better idea. We could do a picnic in a park or a place of inspiration. How do you feel about that?
I love the outdoors, so that sounds great! I like to both meditate and birdwatch at the Tinicum/John Heinz nature reserve, right off I-95 near the Philly airport. I'm not too familiar w/ South Jersey, but I grew up in Wilmington, DE so I know Northern DE pretty well.
Ok this sounds like a plan. I did meet one other person who lives right near there but she will be out of commision for a while so we'll see how it goes once we pick a date and post it.
That is close to all three states so I'll just create it as a tristate meetup. Are you available June 21 or 22nd? Of course it will be weather permitting. If not that weekend then it will have to wait until about the middle of July until I'm free again.


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