The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Co-creators. here is a link where you can add and suggest meetings in your area, and then have participant register to the meeting. If possible, we recommend that you complete 1 season before organizing an official meeting, in order for you to be able to answer to questions that other new participants in your city or area will have.

This is a great way to have people RSVP. You can send them the link to you particular event once it is listed.

If you would like to broadcast this meeting live, please contact us at

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Interested..I am in Hamburg,PA..
Vibe, I am in PA and would be interested in doing a CCOR meetup with those that are in our area.
I would love to organize a meeting in the Houston area.

Hi Lisa,

That would be fabulous. Perhaps start a Houston reality challenge group here and then and see who all is in the area for you and post a meeting event.

Good Luck!!!
Yes. start a group in Houston, excellent idea!!! :) as Carol was saying you can start a Houston group here in the CCOR website and also create an event entry. pick a date! give yourself time to get people together a group. If you can video part of it for us to see or take pictures!!! let me know if you have questions! You can share with the group what you have manifested, learned..share practices and how it works, the website, getting starting!!! fun times!
I actually have a LOA meet-up group here in Cleveland,Ohio and I am going to introduce this website to all my members on Oct,18th when we have our ovie and pot-luck night.So then we will have one starting in Cleveland Yay! Something that this group does is once a month we have a dinner and movie night. We all get together at someones home and eat and watch an inspirational movie like What the Bleep,or The Secret,this coming up event we are watching Peaceful Warrior. It is a great idea for any group. Thanks-Krysten(Isisoakmoss) NAMASTE!
That's fantastic! We do that here in Chicago too -- movie night that is. :)

Rick and I having be toying with the idea of arranging a meet in the future in the south of the UK.

We often go out on day trips and could easily arrange to meet up with people for a day at a beach for example or visit somewhere like Avebury (the place with the big stones...) to have a drink in the haunted 'Red lion' pub.

If we did try to arrange something like this in a few months ( when its warmer...)would anyone be interested?

It's just an idea...

THG (Kev & Rick)
Hey guys, count me in! I'd love to meet up with you & other Co-creators in the south south/west. Looking forward to it already. JJx
Hi there I want to organize a meetup here in New Zealand I have mentioned a get together on the New Zealand group page but no answers as yet it would be Awesome!!! I have met up with firstlove in the North Island of New Zealand & I also work with a couple of co-creators here in Christchuch but nothing else has been happen YET but hey I'll keep putting my intention out there. Cheers SoniaJ
One of our long term goals is to travel to New York and I believe Rick would love to emigrate to New Zealand one day.(that is once Rick has got past his biggest personal challenge and that is to get on a plane, lol).

So you never know....


THG (Kev & Rick)


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