The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Some of your have been contacted recently by Oprah's producers. They are looking out, watching the community and i think something big could be cooking!!!!!

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I have ZERO doubt, a deep bubbling intuition, that this whole thing is going to be huge...
I do hope that I get contacted! I know that they will have a special show on us.

How AMAZING Lilou!!! I so hope the show is featured...not just so we can scream when we see each other on TV, but because it is such a FANTASTIC community that people should know about!!! I really hope it happens- this site is great by the way- thanks for doing it for us!!! Love Megan xxx
I so think this is the most fabulous thing happened on the web recently! I am certain that Lilou will be sitting on Oprah's couch in no time!
That is so great! You are doing a great thing here Lilou! Thanks for inspiring me to Live Big!
Very awesome! That is so great. I can't wait to see things unfold! :)!!! You are right something big is coming our way! - Lisa
I re-watched the Oprah episode last night with Louise Hays and I couldn't stop thinking about the 100 day challenge on the Oprah show. We know it is going to happen, so let's celebrate!
You just can't imagine the emotional "COMA" I was in when I found this group! Well,, I prefer to call it a FAMILY!! In one week, my spirits have been lifted beyond my wildest dreams. I was so tired of having no hope,, then THIS came into my life. I LOVE who I am now.. If we ALL aren't worthy of a show,, I don't know what is!!! LOL

Oh, and OPRAH, call me, let's do lunch, eh??? LOL!!!!!!!!!

How can this group not be featured on The Oprah show? It's about Everything that Oprah stands for, Empowering people!
In one year the 100 day challenge has touched the lives of over 400 people all over the world! Thats over 1 person per day!
People are finding themselves for the first time, making plans they otherwise would not have done, getting things they have denied themselves for years , starting businesses, finding their creative muse, And meeting like minded people, from around the world! They are giving and receiving, love, time, encouragement, friendship and their gifts to each other. This is an Amazingly talented ,Giving group!
Oprah believes in the secret and featuring The 100 day challenge would be a great follow up to her "The secret show"!
I hope she contacts all of us!
This group is changing the consciousness and the vibration of the planet for the better! And we've only just begun!

Light and Love,
I'm sure Lilou will correct me if I'm wrong but, if i remember correctly she said on her You Tube page, that there were more than 2000 members registered for the 100 day challenge on the co-creating website...

I know only 470 of them have registered for the You tube group, but people who aren't registered in the group are putting up 100 day challenge videos ... so there could be loads more doing the challenge on their own, who haven't registered on the co-creating site..!!

Its the thought of the ripple effect thats amazing.... for every one of us, that takes part, there are many more people touched by it, through our actions... it really is phenomenal what we have achieved together as a group and what we are going to achieve in the future...

we really can change the world Little by little our group has grown and as it continues to grow, the number of people we touch grows and the effect on our world grows, this truly is, a 'positive viral' change we are creating...

Blessings to everyone taking part

Jaye x
I totally agree with you Jaye, as I posted my experience at work with positive energies I see the same affect happening. We can all soar and reach our challenges and or benefit in many positive ways!
It would be GREAT if Oprah could make it all happen with my challenge!

It truly would be a blessing and what fun!



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