The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Some of your have been contacted recently by Oprah's producers. They are looking out, watching the community and i think something big could be cooking!!!!!

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ooooh really...
Has everyone made a vision board on this site? Maybe we can send a picture or video of all our vision boards to the OPrah producers. Oprah has never made a vision board. Maybe we can show her how. Love Gramma Shirah
Thank you so much for letting us know this. I just love this site you have! To me its so nice to be able to be with other that have the same interest!
It is my intention to be sitting on the couch next to Oprah and Lilou explaining the benefits of The law of attraction as well as the change that occured in my life due to CCOR. Say this and picture this every time you see this. Lets see if we can manifest this feather. Let me try and help with a visualazation. Your sitting back stage of the Oprah Winfrey show and you have butterflies in your stomach. You are watching the moniter and waiting to be introduced. Then you hear the words "laidies and gentelmen please welcome the creators of the successful website Co-Creating Our Reality and, the people that have been helped from using this site daily in the 100 day challange". The crowd cheers and you walk out on to the stage. You look up and for a moment you lose your breathe and think "oh my gosh, I have attracted this into my life and, now I can be apart of history and be the change I want to see in the world". As you aproach the front of the stage Oprah Winfrey stands there in a lovely vision of blue welcomeing you onto the show with a hand shake and, a kiss on the cheek.You then sit on the furniture that is alotted for you and Oprah introduces everyone personaly.... Are you going to be apart of this? Lets see what comes of this. I challange all who read this to visualize this and try to manifest this into your life.That way when it happens you will know that it is because of the laws of attraction. Good luck and I'll see you on Oprah!!!-NAMASTE-Krysten(Isisoakmoss)
Hello!! Well, I was just so very excited when I saw the videos on Lilou meeting Oprah! I know there are so many people out there that want to meet her. I can only imagine how powerful her presence is!! I can't wait to meet her.

Let me tell you why I want to meet her.

One day while I was working from home I was thinking of how great my job is and how I love helping the people I help with my business. So, as I was sitting there all of a sudden I saw Oprah's face. I saw a meeting take place kinda like a video playing and it just came out of no where. I mean I wasn't actively thinking of her. Maybe I was?

Anyway, she pops into my mind and I can see me shaking her hand and I have just told her about the company I am affiliated with. I also saw the owners of the company sitting at a round table with Oprah discussing the creation of a system that is helping so many people out of debt. I saw everyone smiling and I could see that Oprah really got it!

She understood what they created and she saw the value in this system! Then I saw a live show with the owners and Oprah about this Grand system. I could see the faces of the people in the audiences and how happy they were to see such a company with Integrity and the vision of helping people across the country out of Debt!!

Well, after that I just sat there and wondered how can I meet her? How can I get her to see this system? After that, I somehow found Lilou!! Pretty interesting huh?

My dream would be for Oprah to see this system and to expose it to America. THIS CAN CHANGE THE FINANCIAL LANDSCAPE OF AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait.
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