The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Some of your have been contacted recently by Oprah's producers. They are looking out, watching the community and i think something big could be cooking!!!!!

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I would love to be on that Oprah Show when you are manifesting. I want to dress up as Gramma Shirah and tell my story with you guys. That is my new intention for this season. Love Shirah There I said it!
Well I havent officially started the 100 day challenge yet, but meeting Oprah has always been a big dream of mine.
I can't believe it! It is 4:30 a.m. and I am checking out my 100 Days site to see who has joined us and what you guys are up to! I really to envision us on Oprah! I was even dreaming that we were all in the audience and of course Lilou,Sandy,and Laura were actually being interviewed by Oprah. That was always a dream of mine as well. However, now I realize that I am probably better off doing what I do on a day by day basis. I no longer feel the need to be rich and famous. I just want to share who I am and what I have learned with others. The internet is a really good way, I believe. Love Gramma Shirah
I had the same dream, there must be something to it!
Oddly enough a woman called the house and asked for Mrs. ......... Well there is no Mrs. ........... so I said that she is not home, lol. It could have been Oprah!
The woman said that she would call later, I am waiting. LOL I had to throw in the humor experience.
Ha! I hope they contact me. I've had Oprah on my manifestations list for eons...then again, I bet everyone does. But I believe it can happen! And she, of all people, would especially like that...

This past week I told my mom I want to go to Puerto Rico - it randomly came out of my mouth - not even seven hours later I got approached by a friend I worked with on campaigning for Barack Obama in L.A. asking if I'd be interested in helping set up headquarters in Puerto Rico for Obama. The next day the woman organizing the effort called me - and if all falls into place I'll be on a free trip to Puerto Rico in May for several weeks to help set up Barack Obama's headquarters there! Que maravillosa! Two things I love: Puerto Rico and Obama!
Has anything happened about the Oprah show? i would love to watch all you guys on T.V. on the Oprah Show. Let me know. Lilou, how can we all be notified all at once? Is this site getting too big? What can we do to stay connected? Love Shirah
Oprah believes in the secret and featuring the 100 day challenge would be a great follow up to her "The secret show"! I hope she contacts all of us! Keep on Manifestation it. We contuse to grow more and more each day over 768.
I hope so to I could use some exposure to get that Best Computer equipment in the Universe!
That would be so great! I love Oprah and her way of reaching people. She would love this place.
Wonderful! I will definitely be watching her show on Friday, June 27, 2008. She will be discussing the Law of Attraction. It should be good.




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