The 100 Day Reality Challenge

This is a wonderful short journal of a woman who did 21 days on MC and then posted before and after pictures. I love when people share their journey's:

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That's a great link, Joni, thanks for posting it!
Thanks again for sharing this. Someone mentioned today the inability to do the cleanse because of the effect of spices on their tummy. I wondered about that, too, I know I am sensitive. I like how this woman adjusted small things as they worked for her and I feel good that I can make small adjustments without altering the effectiveness of the cleanse. I'm getting excited!
I nearly gagged at the cayenne, I hate the taste. But I found if I just put in more lemon, it was fine! Yes, we can adjust a bit, and it all helps. I can't wait til you start! I may still be on it, who knows!?!?
I am starting tomorrow...I have my ingredients and will be doing the laxative tea tonight and the salt wash in the goes!
AWESOME!!!!! Congrats, Laura! I'll be watching you!
Thanks Joni! It is day 3 and it is amazing how I'm not hungry but what I have realized is that I do look forward to my meals as reward type breaks from my day. I have been replacing them with breaks to meditate, visualize, journal or yesterday I even walked up to the beach and took a swim during the new moon right in the middle of the day.
I am amazed at how good the lemonade actually tastes! I am so grateful I took the leap! I will keep you updated...

Keep Shining!
what is the master cleanse? what do i have to eat? help please! how does it work?is it good for all problems?
please help!!!
Sorry, I've not been on the board in awhile. The Master Cleanse is a minimum of 10 days. Its also called the "Lemonade Diet" and you can find tons of information online.

You REALLY need to consider carefully if this is the right cleanse for you or not.

I did mine for 10 days. After the first few days it became easy and made me feel great. On the 10th day I went to my usual monthly sweat lodge, which is a Native American spiritual ceremony where we pray and release toxins. I don't know if doing that was the reason or not, but I left there in a RAGE!!!! I was furious. It was just old, lingering anger I had stored up. I went home and ate PIZZA and that was the beginning of an angry, out-of-control eating frenzy that lasted for days (even weeks). I am an emotional eater, am 50 pounds overweight, and really have a tough time with it. During this cleanse I lost about 14 pounds and promptly put it all back on and more (yo-yo-yo-yo). Just THINK beofre you do it. It is NOT good for all problems, I go to a trusted nutritionist now.



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