The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hi co-creators,
Just a brief experience I'd like to share with you - it might not mean a great deal to the readers of this entry but as it is quite a significant occurrence for me I'd thought I mention it!
Some of my great wishes for this exciting project have been to gain confidence and learn to be more comfortable with myself. I've been practicing meditation and positive affermations since starting my 100 Day Challenge.
I started poledancing and yoga as ways of keeping fit but also as an attempt to get connected with my inner self - discover what Vitalia is really about and bring out the sensual and confident lady that has been locked away in the darkest dungeons of my mind...

Here's my little manifestation - I've been appraoched by the pole dancing company and been asked if they could put me forward for a short video promoting pole dancing for fitness in Germany. This would be a brief feature about me and why I chose pole dancing as a form of fitness. It involved capturing my journey to class, dancing during class and interviewing at the end...the old me would have laughed with embarassment and replied 'no way!' but the new me said 'yes - absolutely!'

The shooting was so much fun and the best thing about it was that I felt so comfortable with the whole thing. I was relaxed and joyful and they loved it!

This was such an incredible thing for me to say yes to - a part of me kept telling me 'oh my God did you really say yest to that???' ... but I've decided to step out of my comfort zone, embrace the unknown and life is proving to be so much more fun already!

Love to you all.

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Vitalia, way to go girl! Thanks for sharing - it's a great tale. Enjoy being a woman and exploring who you are.

Love, light and laughter,

Well done, go girl!!!!
That's awesome! I keep reading about people being pushed past invisible self limitations here and I've experienced it here too! I was astonished that I vlogged about telepathy. There does seem to be a gifting period that happens early in folks (first?) season where the universe propels folks into fast forward and gives unexpected gifts. Also, sometimes it looks like the manifestation came out of nowhere but it's been building for a long time. It sounds like you have known the glorious sensual, confident you was not really lost and she has been on the return in the ethers for a long, long many indigenous people say that the universe was danced into being, so saying "you rock" is big rock! Oh, post part of your dance video or tell us where to go to see it!
Hi Vitalia: I just read your blog and It is great. What a wonderful opportunity and the most important is that you said " yes" . Good for you. I hope you have a terrific journey. Blessings!


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