The 100 Day Reality Challenge

hello co-creators, I will be the first one to introduce myself here..and look forward learning more of you here.

I am 30 years old. I have been living in the US for 8 years now in Florida and Illinois. I am moving to London, UK at the end of July and look forward being back in Europe and visiting my family and friend living in France.

I have started this community with Sandy and Laura in 2005. We met in seminars and thought it would be a great idea to bring together a community of like minded people while giving us the possibility to have a platform to put in practice the universal laws.

This have worked out magically regarding this project and we have very much been in the flow of things and following the signs. It is a divine adventure. It has open so much in my life. i can not even begin to tell you!

I love reading, internet, wine, traveling, people, learning, growing, laughing, eating good healthy foods. I am also pretty sportive and enjoy roller blading, kick boxing, snowboarding, tennis, swimming, and more!

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Hello my fellow Co-Creators!

My name is Vibe and I am 29 1/2 :) Turning 30 in August!!

I have been married for 2 yrs but my husband and I have been together for 10 yrs..We have 4 boys..I am on Season 2 and loving every minute of exploring myself..

I enjoy life and meeting new like minds..

Peace and Love..
Hi everyone...My name is Ginger and I am so happy to be a part of such an awesome community. I am 41 single but in a relationship. Photography and gardening are my hobbies. I have no children although I own a cat, his name is Batman.

I totally believe in manifesting your dreams and the LOA. I first learned of these Universal laws through Edgar Cayce. I highly recommend the book by Bruce McArthur, Your life Why it is the way it is and what you can do about it. Understanding the Universal Laws for those of you that seek a bit more. This is a FABULOUS book!

I have seen LOA work in my life and I do believe and use the practices in the book. I like that there is now a virtual community for support and a place where one can grow while learning. This community has helped me realign myself and become more organized and focus on my goals. I thank you for starting it.
Helloa co-creators. My name is Anniina I'm from Finland (in Europe). I'm 21 years old (just turned). I'm now in a relationship (yeah baby! LOL). And he is my best and biggest manifestation and this happened during my season 3 which I'm currently on. I currently work for my dad who has a bookkeeping company. I would LOVE to manifest translation work.

Some stuff that I have manifested are a trip to Paris to visit a friend that was on the last days of season 1 and the first days of season 2 and I moved to my own appartment and also I have lost about 8 kilos.

I am reading Jerry and Esther Hicks book Ask and it is given, and recomment it to everyone.
Hello! My name is Yvette and I love God! Yes!!! and he loves me back it's wonderful. I love being a Christian it is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I'm single and loving it. (hope to be married one day but not in any rush I wanna marry the right man) I'm 37 have two children one son (15) and one daughter(19). I love people so much. My 100 day challenge will be about weight loss. I love to encourage people and give advice. Seeing people get up and start again is better than me winning 40 million dollars..(I really love it)! I also love it when I can help a young person make the RIGHT choice. Our choices are so important as a matter of fact we are all of our choices today. Where we are in life is because of our choices. Anywho.... looking forward to this challenge and meeting some great people..Oh yeah I love my Pastors and church family too they are the BOMB!
Hi Lilou
can you help me please. I want to join this group but dont know how to introduce myself. The only way i can get on is if i press reply. What buttons do i press..

p.s. i love what you have done with this site - i know it will change my life

thank you



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