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Okay, after a fellow co-creator mentioned they didn't get what they were specifically trying to manifest we (me?) started to talk about action vs attraction - how do we know the principles are really principles if we dont see results and, if we do, how much can be attributed to us taking positive action towards our goals rather than our thoughts attracting them. This is where my knowledge of the LOA literature falls down as I've read little and prefer to learn from seeing the 'best practice', listening to others and acting (allowing?). I'm sure some of you have the answers to such questions stored away in your brains so... gimme!! ha! I like the phrase 'meet the universe half way' and often feel that is what I'm trying to do when practicing this challenge, that I don't abandon practical action on my own behalf while I'm visualising goals. If you've had to discuss what LOA is about with someone perhaps you'd like to share your thoughts... fingers to keyboards and let me know!! Thanks in advance :)

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Hi Chris, I'm sure others will have much to say on the action/attraction balance of things and I have also thought about this before i.e. why some things take much longer to manifest or don't seem to, but looking at it from another my experience when something doesn't seem to be manifesting there has often been another equally strong opposing (often unconscious) belief about what it is that I say I want to manifest negating the desired manifestation. Acknowledging and then being able to release whatever it is that maybe doesn't want to change/move on etc can often clear the space and allow things to then manifest more smoothly and quickly. I think the challenge is really finding out what else might be at play when we say we want something. Just a thought... hope it made some sense. x
So the Challenge as therapy? I can see that benefit from it already :) Bringing our unconscious patterns into the light. So if our friend wasn't getting the results they (consciously) hoped for, it's not due to a particular lack of action on their part but a more deeply held thought pattern (or fear?) that was blocking its success? If that is the case - and I agree with you that it's a valid notion - how can the person in question recognise the 'LOA' principles at work? Does it become a 'catch 22', that doubt in its validity will negate success? And can it be called 'manifesting' if we take action towards achieving our goals?
Hmmm, full of thoughts about this today! Thank you Ruth x
There is such a thing called "inspired action". You only act on something when you feel good and you are inspired to do.

Allowing is being open to what comes since your expectation sometimes do not come the way you want it because you have not been specific to the detail of your wants.

Delay happens to what you want (or sometimes not happen) since you are posing a negative thought. You are saying, " it is not happening". Your focus is on things not happening so, it would not happen. You can not give the Universe two energies of opposing pole.

It is like going to a restaurant. If you ordered a chicken sandwich, you do not keep following up your sandwich because, you know that it has been ordered. It would come. The order has been released.
Thank you, Lorii, I have heard of inspired action, a good reminder - certainly the lesson for me is generating the feeling energy first that produces the best results, and not being atttached to the form it may take.
I much prefer the Abraham-Hicks "flavour" of LOA and as far as action is concerned, we need to "take the emotional journey and then the action journey", i.e. get into vibrational alignment with what we want and then take inspired action towards it.

The famous 17 second principle is that 17 seconds of pure thought, without contradiction, are more powerful than many hours of action. Ideally you want to aim for 68 seconds of pure, positive thought about what you want.

LOA is all about allowing, and that means not limiting the Universe in the way it can bring our desires to us, but accepting that whatever we've asked for is already DONE, it's GIVEN and our job is only to make sure the door is open so it can be delivered.

I like that story, Sabine, exactly what I had in mind :) If I dont spontaneously have the enthusiastic, inspired feeling when I have the initial thought for a goal, does that mean the goal itself isn't right for me? Should the 'feeling match' come naturally or can you cultivate it over a period of time? I guess I'm asking why the LOA literature may distinguish between the thought and feeling, or is it down to an individual's state of consciousness (energy) that will lead to greater effectiveness in using these principles?
The sense of inspiration before persperation certainly comes across in what you're saying, Isobel, though you don't exclude action from effective manifesting either. Do you use any particular techniques to recognise why a goal may not come to fruition? I guess I'm thinking of the other subjects that are often mentioned on these forums, like dreamwork and journaling. Yet to be honest I don't want to get too wrapped up in self-analysis.
All goals come to fruition :) Our "problem" is that we don't always let them in to our physical experience!

Dreamboards and journalling etc are part of what Abraham calls "Step 3", which is Allowing.
Step 1 - we ask, not necessarily in words. We ask by our awareness of what we don't want.
Step 2 - the Universe answers and it's DONE - always! Whatever we ask for is given and placed into our vibrational escrow.
Step 3 - we have to let it in, or Allow it, into our physical experience.

Whatever we want, we want it because we believe that having it will make us feel good. The "trick" is to feel good before we get it - then we actually don't care if we get it or not, because we feel good anyway! At that point, it has to manifest physically.

As soon as we take score and notice that it's not here yet, we don't feel good and in that feeling we're holding ourselves apart from it.

Inspired action is action that makes you feel good.
Our emotions and manifestations (or lack of manifestation, which is actually a manifestation in itself) are indicators of our alignment with who we have become. If something desired is not manifesting, this is really a manifestation of the lack of what is desired because there is a greater amount of thought on the lack side of the subject.
When you feel like you are getting sick, before you actually get sick, don't you just know that something is brewing? You know and trust that you are getting a cold before you have the evidence of it and with such focus, it usually appears quickly! Just an example of a negative manifestation.
This is all about finding a way to get the feeling of what it is like to have the desired manifestation before you see evidence of it. What is the reason for the desire anyways? At the root of the desire is wanting it so you can feel good. And if you can find a way to feel good before the desire manifests, the who even cares if the desired manifestation really! But, it will come quickly when you get to that place.
Motivated Action vs Inspired Action.
When you take action from a place of inspiration, it won't even feel like will just feel like the next logical step and will be very effective.
But, if you take action w/o alignment (motivation) and are doing it because you "should" or "have to", then, at best you are spinning your wheels or it will be a great struggle.
And bottom line for me and what I say to my clients, it matters not to me who gets the credit when you get your desired outcome, as long as it is working for you.
Sorry for the scattered just flowed out of me this way!
"This is all about finding a way to get the feeling of what it is like to have the desired manifestation before you see evidence of it." That's a phrase I like and will remind myself of, Fred, thank you, and your description of motivated action is a good distinction - I've often encountered 'poor' motivation but the way you describe it makes all motivated action sound unaligned. Interesting :)
Hi Chris!nThere's a discussion about Action/attraction that you might want to see. It's here:

Hope that will help.
Hi Chris,

Just thought I'd add my ¥2.........

Question : Why would we not get what we specifically try to manifest?

I think Isobel provides another perspective when she wrote that we shouldn't limit the Universe in the way it can bring our desires to us.

So maybe if we want something to take on a specific form, it may take longer than if we were to 'meet the Universe halfway' and ask for the essence of what we want rather than specifying the exact form the manifestation should take. This will then open up many more ways and forms in which the Universe can work its magic to deliver our request. So for eg, instead of asking for a specific sum of money, or for just money, we can ask for what the money will bring us - more security, ability to pay bills without struggle or stress, etc.

Also, I believe that sometimes we have to let go of certain things (attitudes, beliefs, habits, certain people we know, etc) in order to receive what we ask for. Perhaps we may not be ready for what we ask for (not yet a vibrational match), so the Universe will also send us experiences to open and change us so that we are better able to allow or let it in...eventually.

Question : Thought versus Feeling - Is the lack of enthusiastic / inspired feeling an indicator that the goal is not the right one?

Emotions or feelings are created by our thoughts. Eg. when you think of someone or something that makes you happy, you get an emotional response...happiness. Thought is pure energy, emotion is energy in motion, the driving force. The more intense our emotions, the quicker the manifestation. Less intense emotions could be due to thoughts which may be limiting in some way. Hence, the need to change the old beliefs, attitudes, habits, etc in order to be in a state of allowing.

Almost1.30 am here in Tokyo, I'm not sure if I've made any sense...I hope I did... oyasumi nasai (goodnight).


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