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I have been studying The Law of Attraction for quite a while now, have a wellness practice based on LOA and lead two groups on the subject here in Chicago. In fact, I was studying it when we had to hide our books inside the cover of Gone with the Wind so as not be ridiculed!
What I have noticed so far on this beautiful site is that there is a great desire for answers about LOA and no one place to get them.
So bring your questions here and I will answer them as quickly as I can.

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Hi Fred,
A quick question for you. I have lost a few freiends recently to illness and violent ends. I acknowledge each of them, allowing myself to grieve briefly and move on. I can't help but think that the universe is sending me some kind of message or that perhaps my strength is needed by my friends and thats why I am in their lives. I certainly hope I'm not manifesting this.
What is the best way to acknowledge these things and move on without manifesting any more negative occurences. At the moment I am on an emotional rollercoaster.
Hi Janine,
First, the most important point to remember is that we are Eternal Beings and we never die and therefore it is not an "end". It is good that you grieve for only a short period because your friends do not want you to grieve. Your friends have re-emerged into non-physical and are doing marvelously.
Your friends decision to return to non-physical was theirs (it always is and comes from their non-physical perspective) and the fact that they made that choice does not mean that you manifested it. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to acknowledge your eternalness and I am sure that your friends see your Light and that is why they are comfortable to share their death experience with you.
Your work, like all of us, is to continually reach for better feeling thoughts so that you will experience better manifestations.
You are doing nothing wrong and their is nothing wrong in all that has occured.
I hope this helps.
This is such a timely subject as four of my friends have just passed rather suddenly. I have looked upon the recent events as a change in the relationships, not a loss. All the best aspects of them and of our experiences are still with me, perhaps in a more meaningful way. There are no unanswered phones and message machines to separate a very direct connection with their essence. I draw from their love often in the course of my day, and it is always there. My thoughts are with you Janine, and thank you fopr your words of wisdom Fred. Live brilliantly, Viki
I also would highly recommend a book that was written by Neale Donald Walsch (he wrote The Conversations with God series of books) titled Home with God. This is a life changing book and after you read it, you will not fear death anymore and thus you will not fear life!
Hi Fred, only now am I catching up with some of the discussions on these forums. More still to read! I just started one myself under the 'Principles and Practices' heading where I'm asking about action vs attraction and how we can recognise LOA at work. As you seem like a wise fella, I'd love to hear your thoughts - as would my sceptical friend (no it's not me, they really exist!). Best wishes and thank you in advance :)



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