The 100 Day Reality Challenge

A circle of questions to help you make the best out of your desires.

Here is a circle of questions that I just came up with to help me (and hopefully many others) understand the process of manifesting even more. The cycle to me seems to be a series of questions that have an seemingly easy order to them yet to it;s the recognizing of them that is the key. Keep light (consciousness) in your heart and you will have no trouble hearing the questions.

Question One: What do you want?
-This regards your desires and dreams. If you are flaky on this one then you'll never get to witness the rest of the questions. If you don't know what you want then step backwards and make your desire to be shown all of the options of desires that would be fitting for you.

Questions Two & Three: What do you like about this? / What do you dislike about this?
-Once you have your desire set in your mind then the Universe will be off and running. It will give you many different situations to learn more about yourself. Once you learn that these are all just questions you can put them into two difference columns. I like and I dislike.

Question Four: What would you like to change about this?
-This step actually flows from questions two and three into question one. (notice the wonderful little circle it makes?) Pay attention to what you like about this situation and what you can do without. Now drop everything you can do without. Keep only what you liked and reformulate your answer to question one.

-I think it's important to note that it's okay to take time to develop your likes and dislikes about the situation just as long as you don't dwell on the dislikes asking questions like "why is this happening to me". This is happening FOR you because you asked for it. How can you not be thankful of that?

What's next?
-Rinse and repeat baby.

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I believe I will use this! Thanks!

Love and Light,

Great! Let me know how it works for you.
Very interesting, thanks!
Thank you for posting. I will try it.:)
this is very helpful...i actually clarified something for myself just reading it!
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...thanks for leaving me with "Rince and REpeat baby. I love this...its all good.
When the sweater says "Dry Clean Only" dont throw it in to the washing machine on hot will end up with a sweater that doesnt Make sure you Practice the above and get it right or it wont fit. RE: HOW can you not be thankful for it giving you exactly what you ask for. JILLY



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