The 100 Day Reality Challenge

i needed guidance for this specific thing n i attracted an awesome website with awesome stuff...i just want to share it with u guys if it helps in some way...
(The following text is copied from this site )

There are 6 keys in total. Beneath each key is an explanation of the meaning behind it. It is essential that you understand why you must accept each key. Say each key silently because you are using the keys to reprogram your mind and condition it for abundance (while the affirmations seek to program your universe).

Say only the key and NOT the explanation underneath it. Do not change the keys unless absolutely necessary.

I have a special and unique purpose in this life which I honor every day in every way. I expect my purpose to be supported at all times by myself, by others, and by God. That expectation is always met.

About Key #1: When you are giving the best service you can to yourself and other, you are expressing the love of God. The saying "do what you love and the money will follow" is true.

I pursue my special purpose by fully honoring the uniqueness of myself and all others around me. I release from my being negativity, judgments, and dogmas that others seek to impose on me. I fill my being with the light of truth, with the warmth of openness, and with the spirit of loving kindness.

About Key #2: The truth is "nice guys finish first". Those businesses and people who focus on serving the customer (and thereby the universe) are those who truly succeed and earn the mega-riches. When you "treat others as you would wish to be treated", you open the door to untold riches.

I am open to the fulfillment of my purpose through all possible channels. I rejoice in the successes of myself and others. I see the gifts and learning that are present in situations that are deemed failures. All that I do whether it is accounted as a success or failure is for the highest good of all.

About Key #3: Any dream or aspiration can have fulfillment because of the infinite diversity and abundance of the universe. What limits the fulfillment are negative judgments about what the channels should be or what should be accounted for as success or failure. When you are committed to serving the highest good for all, you are inevitably drawn to the path of greater abundance.

I ask for and I receive whatever is necessary for the fulfillment of my special purpose. I focus on my purpose with certainty, clarity, and total integrity of intent. My purity of intention overcomes all obstacles in my path.

About Key #4: Purity of intention is what will always enable you to push through any obstacles to the achievement of your goal. As you work your way through your obstacles, you will find that these problems always come bearing gifts in their hands. Certainty, clarity, and total integrity allow you to take all the gifts that come your ways and use them to create abundance from apparent lack.

I allow my special purpose to unfold naturally, easily, and effortlessly around me. As I pursue my special purpose, I do all that I can to help all others I encounter. As I serve and am served, I give and receive love.

About Key #5: As you honor your purpose in life, you tap your full potential. The entire rich immensity of your being becomes open for your use in manifesting your purpose. Your life flows with certainty and direction. You are better able to help others manifest their goals. Others in turn are better able to motivate and support you. In the long run, everyone becomes better able to achieve the common goal of growing rich in the ability to give and receive love.

I am truly grateful and thankful for all the gifts of life that I have received. I put the best into achieving my special purpose in life. I always live up to my highest ideals. May the blessings flow continuously.

About Key #6: What you put into life with a loving, thankful, and grateful heart you receive from it a thousandfold. You might have heard the saying: "When love and skill combine, expect a masterpiece". When you settle for nothing short of your highest ideals, the universe will respond in the same manner.

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