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So here is something amazing that happened to me. 

I'm 19, (broke college student) my job is seasonal and ended in September. I was holding on to my last check because I knew if I had deposited it, I would spend it. :3 Haha. So I had absolutely $100 in my bank account. My check from part time work was only $400.  I deposited the check and received a receipt for the $500 in my bank account and I vowed not to spend the money until buying Christmas presents.  I stayed away from spending and focused on abundance and how money comes quickly, easily and unexpectedly.

Last week I looked at my online bank statements and there was $875 in my account. I looked through the calender and saw the $400 deposit but NOTHING else was said to come in. I went to the bank and the teller said $875. Everything said $875. I asked my parents if they had given me money but they had not. I said I'd wait a week to see if it was still there, and it is.

If this is not proof that it works there is nothing that will convince you! Miracles absolutely happen! :)

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Amazing! What a great story, thanks for sharing. The world is abundant :)

That's incredible! I believe in miracles as well! Enjoy your abundance!

Wonderful! Very inspiring indeed. Gives me hope for myself , thanks a lot for sharing! All the best and may you get more! 

Money does grow on trees...and in bank accounts :D

This is so inspiring. Congrats! I hope you had fun spending it!



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