The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hello everyone!
I've been lurking this website for quite a while now, and just recently decided to start my own 100 Day Challenge and join the page! Feels good!
I am a 21 year old graphic design student from France, and I am veeerrryyy excited about this challenge and what these coming 100 days will bring! I am starting this Saturday! May 14th :)
I am also looking forward chatting and sharing with all of you!!
Talk to you soon!

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Welcome!!! :)
Welcome and good luck! :)
Thank you both! 
This is a nice place :)
Hello! Welcome!!!!! Its GReAt to CoCreate!

Welcome on board!

This is Leap of Faith, a great Inner Challenge, a beautiful and mysterious pathway, a school of practical magic..

And We are all super glad you finally arrived! ...We were actually missing you... ;)

Wow! this just gave me goosebumps! the good kind!!!! Thank you! I am sooo glad to be here! :)
Hi there Jason! Thank you!! :) and welcome back !!
Well, I am feeling better and better everyday! :) Although I have been getting impatient lately, so I need to trust that it will all work out... But overall it's going well :)  Thank you for asking!
Are you currently on a challenge or planning on starting one soon?
Ohh that sounds exciting!!!! Can't wait to hear about your journey and your manifestations :) :) :)
Wow that sounds like fun!! What an exciting journey! :) I cannot wait to see how it all unfolds!! It's all done! Your dream home is waiting for you! :) 
I will be waiting for the invitation to your beach housewarming party !!! LOL 
Yaaa!!!! Wonderful you are here!!!!!
Wooohoooo!! :D Wonderful to be here!! :):):)



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