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I Have been thinking much about the Manifestation of Money as I read the many blogs on Co-Creators.

Does it imply LACK on our part when we try to manifest MONEY?

This is the question I have been pondering.

I dont ask for money. At least I have not asked for money for quite some time.


Yes I have asked for my needs to be met. But that doesnt necessarily mean that it has to come in the form of money every single time and for every self need to be met by the Universe/God/Source of all that is.


For example:

My husband desired a BIG SCREEN TV for about 6 months. Granted this law of attraction stuff comes quite easily to my hubby. UNCANNY sometimes.

Anyway, the point I am making is that he didnt necessarily ask for the money to buy the BIG Screen TV...he just simply desired the BIG SCREEN.

Did he get it you might ask?

YUP...A friend was upgrading his system and just plain GAVE his BIG SCREEN TV to my husband. So you see, no money was involved. A clear alignment, I can see that my hubby had was, being a good friend and having a desire. Oh I'm sure there are other factors as well that dont necessarily present themselves but for the sake of this example I just named these few alignments.


So the question I would like to ask those who are asking for money....Is it a lot of money in a bank, or tucked away in a mattress what is going to make you happy and fill your desire. Does it stop there or do you have a list of needs that the the money is going to fulfill?

My next question:

Don't you think that you are limiting the Universal delivery by asking for money?

Why not ask for that which the desire of money will fulfill?

For example:

ASK for a CAR instead of the money to buy the car.

Asking for the actual desire or need opens up the limitless possibilities.

Its interesting how the MONEY has a limit in most cases.

I am so glad I have moved away from the concept that MONEY would be the cure all or end all to all my desires.

I'm interested in what your thoughts are about this and if I have helped you to re-think the desire for money.

Abundance Blessing, Jilly





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Im replying to you Renae because Kellie just woke this topic up in a recent post on the forum about the lottery.


I hope she comes to this discussion and reads your response along with the many other wonderful responses.

Hugs Jilly

In every asking there is an element of lack, whether if be asking for money or asking for 'stuf'.
If we ask for peace (of mind) in any given moment we won't have to ask for things, all the things we need will show up.
Hi Emha,
As I agree lack seems to creep into a lot of our thoughts thus effecting the operation of the LAW, I respectfully dont think sitting idle (asking ONLY for peace of mind) will bring all your desires. The peace is an effect of the mind.
Regarding the lack, say for asking for a new car for example in regards to lack. Example: I currectly have a car. It works just fine and get me to where I want to be when I need it. However wanting a newer model might not imply lack of a car, only lack of desire to have a new one instead of an old one(or type or kind of car that better suites my desires). So yes, lack will be lurking around the corner if you see your need or desire for new as lack or simply a newer crisper more perfect desire.
The definition of 'Peace of Mind is so broad.

Example of definition:The absence of mental stress or anxiety, and the presence of serenity, calm, quiet, comfort of mind.

I would guess that when someone had peace of mind it bring them to an inner peace that brings about thought that bring forth desires for continued peace. So it would be a two part series. I dont think that it would just end with peace of mind. We need to address what "peace of mind" brings. To me it seems to bring about a mental state of perfect harmony with source in turn bringing about the desires more easily.

Thank you Emha for this reply. Blessing J
So are you saying here Carla that it somehow depends on the motive behind our preferences? If not from a joy point of view to gain joy from the desire then it is for not?

For example:
It gives me joy and makes me happy that I can pay my water bill on time. However it does not give me joy nor make me happy that I have to pay for water. Hmmm?
Hmmm? As I understood the workings of the LAW (using the word "working" for lack of a better word) that to say "easily pay for my water or not want to pay is one in the same and I will attract more of the same into my life "HAVING TO PAY FOR WATER".
Instead it is more in line with the Universal Law and more benificial to filling my desire to say, "water comes to me freely."
In my case, I have a well and it does indeed come to me almost freely with a very minimal expense of a filter and almost no electricity to pump it from the ground. I have no monthly water bill.
I totally intend to manifest the filter at no cost one day. I am slowly taking back my power.
You can manifest in another mood. I dont go around and are "happy" all the time..I ask for something, I am determined and then I think it will come becuase I said so. No doubt. You can manifest in relaxed mood. determined mood. Happy mood. whatever that fits you and your personality. I have manifest many many things so I know it works :-)
I seem to agree here with you Anette. The LAW discriminates what mood you are in, Happy/Sad or otherwise. Thanks for your reply to this discussion. You brought up a very good point.
I think it's limiting ONLY if you think that money is hard to get (I agree, most people feel that way). My sister and I are big money manifesters (she more than I), people just coming and giving us money, last year I got about 12,000 USD out of nowhere… and she got at least twice that amount.
Money is just as everything else ;)
I dont ask for millions of dollar (I ask for money in smaller amounts) , most because its harder to imagine how it would be to have a lots of money. BUT..I asked for many THINGS that has manifested. My dream apartment I manifested , cooperation at work with another company that I wanted (i have my own business that I also manifested) I manifest smaller amounts and it always come in unexpected ways :-)
I manifested my boyfriend and then I regret it because after one year with him I realized I didnt like that particular personality so now I have defined my intentions and wishes about that..:-)
I have manifest a lot of things and every time it manifest in real my friends say; how can you get all you want?? Even when I tell them that it comes BECAUSE I SAID SO and EXPECT IT TO COME they dont understand really and think Im just lucky! lol
Now I read here about to manifest a feather, so I will try that..a blue feather..just for fun!
seems like you have two different tones..feelings of tons of debts (it make you nervous?) AND need of money..if you need something it means you dont have it, the tone in you that you dont have, its wrong feeling to send to universe.
If you say "I need money"...this is what you are going to attract to yourself "need". You will stay in a continuous cycle of "needing money".
If you say "I have tons of debt" you will continue to attract more debt and tons of it.
You clearly know your situation and turning it around is what you would clearly like to do. So do it.
Take one expense at a time and pay it as you acquire the funds to do so. Put your expenses in priority and intend to have the funds to pay them on time. Dont listen to any chatter in your head that wonders where the funds will come from or thoughts that give you doubt of where and when or even how they will be paid. Just know that it will be there when you require it.
This is why we all should live in the NOW. Don't live in the past or the future. Only live for whats going on NOW.
You cant do anything about the past, and the future has not happened yet. Only NOW is important.
I'm grateful and glad you are here damali. Blessings J
Hey Gregory, So good to see you. Yes, you totally get what I mean here.

What I was trying to get others to realize is that if they ask for money they are setting up limits for the universe to deliver whatever it is that they want to spend the money on.
They dont realize that the money limits the desire delivery. It means that money is the only way the desire will be delivered.
Instead what should be realized is that, intending your desire is all that is needed, and that the Universe opens up every possibility to the delivery of the desire. Instead of only one delivery possibility, THE MONEY !

Looking at it this way makes one realize the significance of the parable "Money is the root of all evil".
If you depend on money at all times to bring you your desire you are limiting the Universe's delivery process.

Of course if your intention is to sit on a bunch of money and you just simply want to have money in hand or stuffed in your mattress then by all means intend money...LOL


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